Built as a fortress

Glimmingehus in the most southern part of Skåne is the best-preserved medieval manor in Scandinavia. The building was commissioned by the Danish nobleman Jens Holgersen Ulfstand. It was built as a fortress in 1499, when Skåne belonged to Denmark. Archaeological finds suggest that Ulfstand lived a very comfortable life at Glimmingehus. 

Some of the most expensive objects available in Europe in the early 16th century are here, including Venetian glass, Rhineland glass and Spanish ceramics. 

Ulfstand would no doubt have appreciated the fact that the castle still lives on as an important medieval centre, as well as being an exciting tourist attraction. 

Glimmingehus' majestic entrance.

Explore the castle

Today, the castle is a living monument with its museum, medieval kitchen and shop. Glimmingehus was built to be prepared for battle. It features unique and fascinating defence mechanisms, such as gaps through which hot tar could be poured over intruders, drawbridges, trenches and other deadly traps. 

The staff take part in making history come alive. Listen to ghost stories in the summertime, try your hand at Middle Age tasks, join one of the guided tours or relax in the beautiful herb garden. There’s a small entrance fee.     

Find out more about Glimmingehus Manor here.  



© Birger Lallo
Canola field by Glimmingehus.
© Frederik Johs
Knight at Glimmingehus.

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