A picture-perfect landscape

The south-eastern tip of Skåne including Österlen is all about beautiful landscape, a slow pace of life and a friendly atmosphere. The area offers a unique mix of beautiful nature and interesting culture. Stroll through fields carpeted in colourful flowers, enjoy stunning views over the land and sea, and don’t miss the famous apple plantations. It’s a great place to combine rural pleasure with quiet, cultured sophistication.

Ales Stones in the sunset
© Frits Meyst
Ales Stenar
A person pouring apple juice through a funnel to a glass bottle
© Tannus Photography
Apple juice at Jordnära Upplevelser
 Two cyclists come cycling on a cobbled street among picturesque houses.
© Apelöga
Canola field at Österlen
© Apelöga

Get active in southeast Skåne

There’s lots to do in southeast Skåne for a weekend or even a longer break. Try the golf courses in Vik, Sjöbo, Ystad and Tomelilla, take the old steam train into Brösarp, ride horses, enjoy water sports, including fishing and boating. Or stroll the cobbled streets of picturesque Ystad or Simrishamn. 

Festivals and activities all year round

A silversmith making a ring on a working table with tools.
© Carolina Romare
Silversmithing at the art exhibition "Konstrundan"

From early spring to late autumn, Österlen welcomes you with lots of events and festivals. Konstrundan, probably one of the world’s largest art exhibitions, takes place in springtime where local artists open their studios and workshops to visitors. 

Matrundan is a culinary journey to Österlen’s food producers held during the Ascension weekend in May. Each week has its theme, such as the season’s first fruit and vegetables, sweet and tasty, and drinks from Österlen. Local growers, food artisans, farm shops, hotels, cafés and restaurants invite you to sample great local dishes prepared with love. 

Österlen lyser is a festival of light held in late October/early November. Villages throughout Österlen display original lighting ideas, hold light processions, illuminate buildings and objects, and offer lots of food, drink and entertainment along the way. 

Three happy people at an apple market in Kivik
© Apelöga

September’s apple market in Kivik showcases the tens of thousands of kilos of apples grown in Österlen. Taste different flavours from the more than 90 vendors, check out who wins the “Golden Apple” award, sample great apple-based drinks and admire the artwork made entirely of apples. There are lots of children’s activities based around apples. 

Find more events and activities in the area here.


View from above of a beach in Sandhammaren
© Karol Werner

Sandhammaren – Sweden’s most beautiful beach

Österlen’s most famous beach is the silky white strip called Sandhammaren, with white sand that matches the Caribbean. This 12-kilometre long strip of sand has been voted Sweden’s best beach several times. It’s perfect for sunbathing and water sports during hot summer days, or for taking long beachcombing walks all year round. 

A garden with a greenhouse with vegetables and spices for sale
© Carolina Romare
Åbergs Trädgård

Farm shops & local delicacies

Drop by a quaint farm shop and pick up fresh, delicious, locally produced food. Food traditions are strong in this region due to the rich, fertile soils, mild climate, dedicated growers and surrounding water wildlife. Turn off the road and turn on to some great locally grown delicacies in one of the many farm shops. You can eat well at any number of country inns, harbour fish stalls and gourmet restaurants. Farm stalls sell vegetables, fruit and of course the region's celebrated apple cider.

Go on a taste tour

A table with sandwiches, pastries and coffee overlooking the garden
© Bianca Kramer

Fine foods around Ystad

Start by Österlenkryddor and sample different spices, then move on through Köpingsberg's vineyards, on to coffee at Olof Viktors, or a lunch in Ingelstorp at Pastafabriken (the Pasta factory). Continue along the road to Hagestad, lined with farm shops, flowers, furnishings and more. Start back towards Ystad past Södra Kompaniet to buy locally-produced sausage before ending your day in picturesque Kåseberga, enjoying artisan food at Kåseberga Fisk.

Very berry nice from Sjöbo

Enjoy the berry buffet and strawberry plate at Eriksgården close to Sjöbo before a meat feast at Tolånga 17.  Pop by Glashyttans Orangeri for a mix of sustainable crafts combined with food culture. Skåne’s äggakaka (egg cake) is a dish not to be missed, so drop into Östarps Gästis and sample some of the best, along with a chance to experience 19th century rural life at Kulturens Östarp. 

Pour juice into three small glasses
© Tannus

Delicacies and delights around Simrishamn

Squeeze your own canola oil at Gunnarshögs Gård.  Meet Hans, Sweden's only mustard farmer at Petersborgs Gård, producing authentic Skåne mustard. Then drop by for coffee and a piece of delicious chocolate at Österlenchoklad in Skåne Tranås. Go on to Kiviks Musteri that makes delicious drinks from the local apples. Take in the farm-style shopping centre at Svabesholm and stroll in the English garden. Then head to Stenshuvud for a walk to the top with the beautiful views of Österlen or enjoy a swim at the beach.


Three towns you shouldn’t miss


A table with many bottles of apple juice at Apple Kingdom in Kivik
Couple of men sitting in a staircase souronded by flowers in Kivik
A view from above of the apple plantations at Kiviks Musteri


The picturesque fishing village of Kivik is famous as home to the Apple Kingdom. See the spleandour of thousands of fruit trees, mainly apple trees, in blossom during spring. September is time for the Apple Market, where hundreds of tons of apples are on sale, and where you can buy fantastic apple juices and ciders and enjoy lots of “apple activities” for children.


Street view of colorful and picturesque houses in simrishamn
Priests bath Frits Meyst


Simrishamn is a picturesque coastal town with a rich fishing past. Other charming old fishing villages close by include Vik, just 20 minutes from Simrishamn, and Prästens Badkar (The priest’s bathtub) close by. Simrishamn is characterized by pastel-coloured houses and cobblestone streets. Visit the winery, check out the old church, and let the kids romp around Glimmingehus. This middle-age castle and living museum is full of activities for young an old, containing all the different traps designed to keep out unwanted people.


A couple of men holding hands while walking down a street in Ystad


Ystad is a medieval town with pastel coloured, half-timbered houses on cobblestone streets and sun dappled squares. Leap back in time and walk around the old town (gamla stan), visit museums with different themes, quaint shops and cosy cafés, or jump on a steam train and explore the beautiful countryside. Ystad is a film mecca, producing the famous Wallander detective films. Ystad Studios visitor centre is all about film and cinema and shows scenes from Kurt Wallander’s apartment as well as other productions such Circus Imago and the Milky Way spaceship.

See more than sea in Österlen

Österlen is famous for its beaches, but there’s so much more to do and see. 

 Round stone wall in a field in Backåkra
© Ystads kommun


Dag Hammarskjölds Backåkra is a memorial estate and nature area in the Hagestad nature reserve that celebrate the life of the former UN Secretary General. Walk around the museum dedicated to his life, and to his taste in modern design. If you want a memorable marriage (or christening), then why not do it at the meditation ring, a circle of stones overlooking the sea just a couple of hundred metres away? 

Snogeholm Land Art 

Snogeholms hiking area with its mixed forests, hills, clearings and different hiking trails is the ideal place for project Land Art. Land art, or earth art involves creating art from natural, pure materials so that no impact is made on nature. Rock, soil, stone, wood, reeds and grass have been used to create six works of art in a "tour" of about 5-6 km. Take a walk in the woods, experience the art and take good care of the “artful” countryside.


Övedskloster is a castle in Öveds parish in Sjöbo municipality built in French rococo style.  This red sandstone building is surrounded by beautiful avenues. Take a guided tour of the castle including the magnificent rooms and explore the history of a monastery that existed here from the 10th Century. Visit the farm that focuses on crops, forestry, and local organic beef production. If you fancy a swim, Lake Vombsjön is just a 10-minute walk from the castle.

A top view of Christinehof castle on a cloudy day
© Oliver Bock
Christinehof Castle

Christinehof Castle

Christinehof Castle in Tomelilla is an 18th Century Baroque style building and the former home of Christina Piper, one of the foremost female entrepreneurs in Swedish history. When her husband was captured in Russia in 1709, she began investing in more property and farms, and eventually employed around 900 people. Take a “storytell walk” and learn more about Christina or stroll down to the mill and enjoy a coffee. The Eco Park at Christinehof offers several excellent hiking trails, from 1.4 to 12 kilometres, all starting from the castle car park.

What to do in Österlen

 Two women walking in the sunset with the sea in the background at Häväng
© Frits Meyst/WideOyster.com

Hike Sweden’s most beautiful paths

Hike along the Backaleden trail, from Alunbruket via Brösarp to Skepparp's winery in Haväng on the coast. This magic trail passes Hallamölla, Skåne's highest waterfall, then head to Brunnsvik creek, pass Brösarp village with its magnificent views. Don't miss Lindgrens Länga, an outdoor museum with an exhibition about the nature, culture and history of the Haväng area. 

Enjoy the thrills at Äventyrscampen 

This adventure camp in Sövde has lots of things to keep you happy. Try Sweden's first 12-metre high adventure course on 3 levels with 36 different stations. Discover the area on a mountain bike, play adventure golf, football golf or frisbee golf. Zipline along the countryside, scoot up the climbing wall or canoe on the lakes. Then relax in the sauna and take a dip in a big tub.

A couple of people on bicycle pedal boats on a lake in summer
© Red Bird Farm

Go water cycling

RedBird water cycling lets you explore water from a new perspective. Enjoy the peace and tranquility on Sövde, Snogeholm or Gyllebosjön, the region’s most attractive lakes which are home to a diverse range of wildlife. The only sounds you hear are from birds, fish jumping and the gentle lapping of the water. The unique water cycles give you easy and safe access to the lakes. No special instruction is required. Life jackets are provided for your safety.

Try some “down to earth” adventures

Jordnära Upplevelser (down to earth experiences in Swedish) is an activity centre in Brösarp that offers tailor-made or group activities for mountain biking, trail running, and MTB. It also offers women only activities like MTB. The centre also runs “the Apple Train”, a guided apple safari for the whole family. It’s a 3-hour nature and apple experience visiting orchards, tasting freshly squeezed juices and even a lesson on apple culture.  

Where to stay in Österlen 

There are lots of great places to stay in Österlen, from camping and small country cottages to boutique hotels and spas. Here are just a few.

Örum 119 

This small farm hotel places great attention to detail and minimalism. Enjoy stone-baked sourdough pizza, develop craft in the glass workshop, and redefine what a long, lazy breakfast really means. The rooms are simply, tastefully decorated using the highest quality materials. Buy home and locally grown produce from their garden shop and enjoy ice cream that is literally a frozen delight

A couple hiking on a gravel path towards a heritage cottage.
© Mickael Tannus
This ancient half-timbered farmhouse Alunbruket is the oldest coffee house and B&B in Skåne.

Alunbrukets B&B 

This charming B&B is in Alunbruket village and surrounded by the forest and River Verkeån which flows by. Alunbruket is part of Verkeån's nature reserve, one of the largest nature reserves in southern Sweden. If you love hiking or cycling, then you’re in the perfect place. Skåneleden, Backaleden and Sydostleden pass through Alunbruket. Enjoy deliciously brewed coffee together with home-made cakes and biscuits. 

Lounge environment with a bar and a couch at Karlaby Kro.
© Lobster & Swan
Karlaby Kro

Karlaby Kro 

Karlaby Kro, close to Simrishamn, is among Österlen’s canola fields and cropland. The hotel’s restaurant offers excellent, locally produced food and great wine. Everything is about the personal touch. Step into the bar and enjoy a cappuccino, walk down to the kitchen and talk to the chefs, or choose your tea in the bar. Spoil yourself by lounging in your bathrobe for breakfast, take dinner when you want, and relax in the orangery. Swim by the pool, enjoy a sauna or enjoy one of the therapies on offer.  

Kåseberga SPA  

This calm, peaceful spa hotel offers the best of the natural magic and history of Österlen. Kåseberga SPA is designed to feel like your second home, a place to treat yourself, relax and use as your starting point for exploring Skåne's beautiful east side. Soak in the outdoor jacuzzis, take a hot steam sauna, dangle your feet in the indoor fish-spa or book a treatment. 


Things to see and do in southeast

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