Less than an hour away from the hubbub of Malmö lie Mittskåne with shady forests, shimmering lakes and historical relics. MittSkåne is a gem in the heart of Skåne, an area of countryside, lakes and villages located between the towns of Eslöv, Hörby and Höör. Here you can ramble through unspoiled forests, visit elegant country houses, enjoy gourmet food, fish and swim in pristine lakes. 

Aerial view over Bosjökloster Castle
© Bosjökloster Slott
Aerial view over Bosjökloster Castle.

Popular attractions include Skånes Djurpark zoo, Fulltofta Nature Reserve and Hörby Market. These and venues like Bosjökloster, a converted Benedictine convent dating back to the 11th century and known for its landscaped gardens, and the Hörby KulturKalas arts festival, draw thousands of visitors every year. All within an hour’s drive of wherever you are in Skåne.

Magical castles and mansions

Central Skåne is home to some quite impressive manor houses, once home to nobility and merchants, dot the rural landscape. On of them is Bosjökloster, a former Benedictine nunnery with gorgeous gardens and a dramatic view over Lake Ringsjön. Here you can row a boat in the lake or pat the friendly goats. Ellinge Slott is a castle dating back to the 12th century and is one of Skåne’s oldest manors estates and today home to the Purity Vodka distillery. Here, visitors can sample the estate’s premium organic vodka and tour the stills and vats. The imposing Skarhult Slott, Sweden’s best-preserved Renaissance country house, was a centre of patronage and intrigue for more than 500 years. Its ‘Power in Disguise’ exhibition documents the lives of 20 chatelaines who lived, worked and died at Skarhult over the centuries.

Bosjökloster in spring
Bosjökloster Castle in spring.


Nyrups Naturhotell
© Malin Andersson
Nyrups Naturhotell.

But the adventurous do not have to spend all their time in mansions and castles, they can stay overnight in the forest in shelters or windbreaks – an experience guaranteed to excite any child. For those who prefer their creature comforts, Nyrups Naturhotell allows you a good night’s sleep in nature and the chance to try your hand at outdoor cooking. 

Fulltofta Naturcentrum and its surrounding nature reserve has beautiful hiking trails, a popular café and a detective trail where children can learn the tracks and traces of forest animals. By the beechwoods and sun-kissed lakes of Frostavallen you can admire steep volcanic precipices dating back to the Jurassic Period. Observant eyes may pick out Iron Age stone clearance cairns and the ruins of long-abandoned crofts and farmsteads. 


Take a swim in the lake!

© Carolina Romare

Enjoy a cooling dip on a warm summer’s day or banish the winter chill with a sauna. Swim in pristine lakes, visit a public pool or treat yourself to light-therapy. Lakes Dagtorpssjön, Kvesarumssjön, Ringsjön, Sätoftasjön, Tjörnarpssjön and Vaxsjön all have clean water and are excellent for swimming. Several have sandy beaches, ideal for children. Tjörnarpssjön has a lakeside sauna and Vaxsjön has diving jetties and a beach volleyball court. Höör indoor swimming pool has a children’s lagoon, waterslides, spaceball and light-therapy room. Hörby has both outdoor pool and indoor pool with waterslides, high-diving boards and climbing walls. At Eslöv adventure swimming pool you can enjoy a wave machine and hurtle down four waterslides.

Skånes Animal Park

Want to see native Swedish wild animals like elk, lynx, wolverine and wolf at close quarters? Skånes Djurpark Zoo is the place to go to see these magnificent creatures in a safari park environment. The bigger animals live in large wooded enclosures. Children who want to approach animals can visit a kids’ farmyard and get close to rabbits, chickens and goats. Here they can also meet Shaun the Sheep in a special pavilion that takes them inside the world of the much-loved TV and movie character.

Feeding the baby moose at Skånes Djurpark
© Mickael Tannus
Skånes djurpark informationstavla
© Mickael Tannus
Skånes djurpark hoppa längd
Watch bears up close at Skånes Djurpark
© Mickael Tannus
Watch bears up close at Skåne's Djurpark.
Shaun the Sheep Land
© Mickael Tannus
Kids at Skånes djurpark
© Mickael Tannus
White tail deer at Skånes Djurpark
© Mickael Tannus

Things to do and see in Central Skåne

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