The university town with charm

Lund is full of contrasts. From quaint cobblestoned streets and old half-timbered houses, to some of the world’s most innovative companies and institutions. They say you can live your whole life in Lund without seeing all the unique spots and beautiful buildings. And just outside the city you are surrounded by scenic plains, enchanting beech forests and golden canola fields. Combine biking and hiking with city life.

A thousand years of history

Lund is one of Sweden’s oldest cities with over 1,000 years of history. The magnificent cathedral from the 12th century and the world-famous university from the 17th century shape the city’s history, culture, knowledge and innovation. You’re only walking distance away from cafes, unique shops and fascinating museums. 

Lund student choir singing a traditional May the first concert on the steps to the University
© Leif Johansson
The tradition of students singing on the 1st of May.

Student mecca

Lund’s near 50,000 Swedish and international students give the city its pulse. The university is internationally acclaimed both for its science and social activities. Some of Sweden’s best actors, comedians and musicians come from Lund. There are some great student traditions you shouldn’t miss, like the traditional singers on 1 May and Lund Comedy Festival. On Walpurgis (30 April), 20-30,000 students gather in the main park, Stadsparken, for a huge spontaneous picnic. 

 Cobblestone street with two colorful house facades
© Beata Tarasiuk
Street view of a cafe
© Kim Leuenberger
BroderJakobs café and bakery
Lund cathedral in the summer
© Kristina Strand Larsson
Domkyrkan in Lund first opened 1145
Two women walking on the cobblestone street in Lund
© Leif Johansson
The beautiful street Tomegapsgatan in Lund.
The majestic university library of Lund, covered in green plants
© Zlotaproporcja
The University Library

What to see in Lund

Skissernas Museum – The Museum of Sketches

Skissernas Museum in the centre of Lund houses the world’s largest collection of sketches, models and preparatory works for international and Swedish art. It focuses on the artist’s creative process from a first idea until the final model or sketch. The museum consists of seven large galleries with a variety of sketches and models, from small copper web models the size of a fingernail, to large sculptures more than five metres tall.

Kitchen in an old farmyard.
© Carolina Romare


Kulturen in Lund is one of the world’s best open-air museums comprising two blocks of historical buildings and gardens. The houses are surrounded by cobblestone streets and beautiful flora. Kulturen is built according to the pavilion system that inspired different world exhibitions of the nineteenth century. There are up to twenty different exhibitions, highlighting everything from art, design, culture and history, and temporary exhibitions especially for children.

Botanical garden with hanging plants
© Lobster & Swan

The Botanical garden

Home to over 7,000 species, this lush botanical garden has been part of Lund University since the 17th century. Walk through the colourful plantations and stop at the pond to watch goldfish before visiting the orangery. See if you can spot the small quail families that live here. The park runs a diversified operation within botany, gardening and ecology for research at the university, and for schools and the public to enjoy and explore. 

Historical Museum 

The Historical Museum features permanent and temporary exhibitions. See the Zoological Gallery, Classical Antique Collection, Cathedral Museum and the Stone and Bronze age halls.  The Barbaricum exhibition highlights the finds from nearby Uppåkra, southern Sweden's largest and most inventive Iron Age city. Visit the site at Uppåkra, just 6 kilometres from Lund to see all the remains. There are lots of activities for children, who can explore the museum and join an organised  animal hunt.

What to do in Lund

Visit Lund Cathedral

Join over 700,000 visitors and 85,000 worshippers each year at Sweden’s most visited church. Consecrated in 1145, this cathedral has become one of the main tourist attractions in the Nordics, with its majestic towers and altar that date back to 1398.The towers and exterior, the crypt and the astronomical clock are things you shouldn’t miss. 

Go trolley cycling

Rent a trolley cycle, pack a picnic basket and bring the family on a day trip where everyone can take turns pedalling along disused railway tracks and enjoy the  beautiful scenery. Most trips take around 3-4 hours including breaks. Bike from the village of Björnstorp through Veberöd. This takes in the beautiful, natural surroundings of the Romeleåsen ridge, and is one of Skåne's most important heritages. Take bus 160 to Knivsåsen. The track is just a short walk away.

Views of a lake surrounded by a green landscape
© Apelöga

Beautiful hikes on Lund’s doorstep

Hike around Torna Hällestad, a beautiful area just 35 minutes from Lund by bus. Start by the general store and grab something to eat from their café, then choose your route. Many go from the same point. Walk into Trollskogen (The magic forest) and see the magnificent beech trees whose branches and stems bend, stretch and curl in the most imaginative forms. Choose a light hike around the Skryllegården recreational area or do something more ambitious. The Skåneleden trail passes this way.

A girl climbs a climbing wall inside a bathhouse
© Claes Hall

Enjoy a swim in Högevallsbadet 

Högevallsbadet is one of Skåne’s most modern and largest water parks. There’s everything for people who like excitement and challenges, such as adventurous 213 metre-long slides jungle pools and exercise courses, all in one of Skåne’s most modern water parks. Swim in one of the two teaching pools or the 50-metre training pool, then relax in the hot pool.

Where to stay in Lund

The More hotel

The More hotel is an apartment hotel based in a converted railway engine shed in south Lund. It offers affordable living for a night, or a longer spell. Stay in a studio apartment of different sizes or treat yourself to a suite. All rooms have a kitchenette. Their restaurant, “Matrummet”, serves excellent dishes under the motto of “No compromises, no prestige...just the love for food and drink.” There’s a relax area and you can rent bikes to get around what is known as the city of bikes. 

Sky view of Häckeberga castle surrounded by water and trees
Häckeberga slott

Häckeberga slott – The Norrmans Castle

Häckeberga Castle is on the lakeside in one of Skåne’s prettiest nature reserves. It’s less than 25 kilometres from Lund. Stay in the castle itself, or in the annex – the hunting lodge. All rooms are harmonized with a castle atmosphere. 

Grand Hotel 

The Grand Hotel is a luxury business hotel in the centre of Lund. The warm atmosphere at the Grand is steeped in tradition and history. The hotel boasts haute cuisine and a well-stocked wine cellar. Go jogging in the well-lit jogging tracks in Stadsparken (5 minutes from the hotel), or work out in the hotel gym before relaxing in the communal sauna.  

Enjoy Lund like a true local

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