Lund Cathedral is in the centre of the city, close to restaurants and cafés. There are no entrance fees or additional costs to enter the Cathedral, unless you want to buy some brochures or a guided tour.

Lund Cathedral
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Lund cathedral

What to see

Towers and exterior 

The cathedral's towers are 55 meters high and a landmark on Lund’s skyline. Lund Cathedral is distinctively dark and Romanesque, with only small windows to allow sunshine in. 

The crypt

Large sections of the crypt date back to 1123 AD. They reveal influences from Normandy and southern England. The cathedral’s biggest tourist attraction is a pillar embraced by the giant Finn. According to legend he built the church but was outraged at not being paid and wanted to destroy it. He was then tricked, shrunk and turned to stone. And to this day he stands embracing his column. Other interpretations are that the stone figure may represent the Biblical character Samson. 

The astronomical clock

Don't miss the astronomical clock that dates from around 1425. It displays signs of the zodiac and the phases of the moon, and chimes twice a day while the three wise men and their servants pass and bow before the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus. 

While you’re there, take a look at the carved oak choir stalls from the mid 1300s and the 3.5-metre tall seven-branch candelabra from the late 15th century. 

Lund Cathedral

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