If you like having your sense of wonder awakened, then wake up here. Northwest Skåne is the land of steep cliffs to scale, spectacular caves to explore, waves that whip off surfboards and hilly, wooded landscapes for long trekking or adrenaline-filled mountain biking. A hundred years or so ago, this area was known for “the Swedish Sin”, when people came from all over Europe to enjoy mixed-sex bathing in striped costumes. Today, the coastline attract surfers and kayakers who paddle and surf the Öresund waters, or canoe in the many inland lakes.


Northwest Skåne really has it all – the rocky coast, the white sand beaches, lush beech forests and coastal meadows with grazing sheep. Those who prefer craggy rocks and steep cliffs should visit the Kullaberg Nature Reserve on the Kullaberg peninsula that offer superb views over the Kattegatt sea to the island of Ven and Denmark. Formed when the earth rose from the sea, this area of quartz and crystals rises more that 180 meters. Explore the more than twenty caves along the coastline, or climb the cliffs for an adrenaline rush. There are several companies offering guided climbs and cave exploration.

Kullaberg Nature reserve
© Johan Hammar
Aerial view over Kullaberg.
Kullaberg Nature Reserve
© Johan Hammar
View from Kopparhatten
© Sven Persson
Kopparhatten is Söderåsen's highest viewpoint, 200 metres above sea level.
Söderåsen National Park near Skäralid
© Magnus Palmér
Söderåsen offers great hiking opportunities for all ages – all year around.
Hovs Hallar in Northwest Skåne
© Bertil Hagberg
Aerial view over the rocky coast of Hovs Hallar.
Hovs Hallar from above
© Mickael Tannus
Summer fun in Hovs Hallar
© Mickael Tannus

If you prefer lush vegetation you can traverse the ridges, and survey the dramatic valleys and flowing streams of Söderåsen National Park, an area of breathtaking views. When you hike or stroll here, you’re walking through one of northern Europe’s largest protected natural broadleaf forests. The area is known for more activities than hiking, go fishing, bird watching, mountainbiking, horse back riding or rock climbing. While you’re here, check out the Nimis artwork, a famous installation by the artist Lars Vilks which is a collection of bridges, tunnels and lookout towers created from driftwood. Be careful though, the path down to Nimis is steep and slippery when wet.

Or revel in the stark beauty of Hov’s Hallar, the steepest coastal part of the Bjäre peninsula. Film buffs will recognise this as the place of the famous scene from Ingmar Bergman’s film “The Seventh Seal” where Max von Sydow plays chess with death at sunrise. Explore the lovely beaches and caves, laze on your own sun-warmed rock, or take in the exciting paths and magical views towards the bay of Laholm.



Aerial view over Helsingborg
© Studio E
Aerial view over Helsingborg.

Skåne’s second largest city offers a mix of metropolitan big city and charming idyllic small town. It’s full of history: ancient and modern, Danish and Swedish. Stroll through the boutiques and shopping centres, unwind at one of the cosy restaurants or survey the architecture, from Middle Ages to modern functional. Drop in at Dunkers arts centre, with art gallery, urban and cultural history exhibitions, music and theatre, as well as an excellent restaurant.

© Staffan Andersson
Summer feeling in Båstad.

Located an hour or so north of Malmö, the small seaside town of Båstad is nestled in a picturesque bay on Sweden’s Kattegat coastline and known as the home of the Sweden Open tennis tournament held each year since 1948 which sees thousands flock to the town. Despite its small size, the community is home to a number of cultural events including the Båstad Chamber Music Festival and The Little Film Festival, while additional charm comes in the form of sights like the beautiful Romanesque-style Båstad Church built in the 15th century.

Mölle in northwest Skåne

This quaint fishing village at the foot of Kullaberg became famous at the end of the 19th century as Sweden’s first common bathing area, where men and women in striped swimsuits jumped in the sea. Coining the idea of “sin in Mölle”, it became an international sensation, attracting the curious and adventurous from as far as Berlin, which had a regular train service. Feeling sinful yourself? Why not check into the Grand Hotel and gorge on masses of organic food inspired by the sea, or just chill for the weekend.



Sofiero castle

Sofiero castle

With panoramic views over Öresund and Denmark, few castles in Sweden enjoy a more beautiful location than Sofiero. Named Europe’s most beautiful park, you can stroll through the 10,000 rhododendron bushes and picnic on velvety lawns amid lush flower beds. Don’t miss the restaurant, voted as one of the best in Sweden and serving local specialty dishes according to what’s in season. Speaking of seasons, you’ll never be lost for things to do. From listening to international stars such as Sting to painting courses and garden festivals, boredom is not an option.

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Örenäs castle

Örenäs castle

Like champagne? Love golf? Then Örenäs castle is the perfect place for you. An oasis of greenery on the coast of Skåne, it’s the perfect retreat from the hectic pace of the city and an inspiring environment for both weekends and creative meetings. Located 15 km south of Helsingborg, the castle offers you magnificent views towards Denmark and the island of Ven. Sample their grandiose multi-course menus, all cooked with style and sophistication, and use the castle as the perfect base for your activities and visits. Stay over in modern equipped rooms, go for a round of mini-golf in the grounds, take a walk in the park, or go fishing right next door. Paradise just came a little closer.

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Fredriksdals museer & trädgårdar

Fredriksdals museer & trädgårdar

Fredriksdal, located in the city of Helsingborg, is one of the largest open-air museums in Sweden, and is almost like a historical version of Skåne in miniature. Famous for its vast and diverse gardens, Fredriksdal features everything from botanical gardens with flowers and plants from the region to historical vegetable and herb gardens. Here you will also find historic buildings and whole preserved town quarters complete with cobble stones and old houses. The surrounding meadows and pastures are beautiful with grazing animals of ancient farm breed typical for this region, such as cows, sheep, goats and horses. Permanent as well as temporary exhibitions showcase life and culture through the ages and the old houses present an interesting journey through the different building techniques of history. The crown jewel of Fredriksdal is the ancient rose garden with its spectacular collection. Here you can decant thousands of fragrant beauties, the oldest one having been cultivated as far back as 2000 years ago.

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The Island Ven

The Island Ven

Legend has it that this small island between Landskrona and Denmark was formed when a giant dropped a lump of earth into the sea. The best way to explore the island’s beauty is by bike, which you can rent as soon as you step off the ferry. Don’t miss spirit of Hven Backafallsbyn, a resort with a four star hotel, gourmet restaurant and Sweden’s premier whisky bar.

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