The fertile crescent of Skåne

The southwestern corner of Skåne is known for its fields of golden wheat, green potato foliage and bright yellow canola. It’s all down to great soil that’s among the most fertile in the world. The sand on the beaches is white and pure. Why not walk barefoot on the beach before hopping into the cool, clear sea, then take a trip to one of the quaint fishing villages or well-stocked farm shops?

A paradise for golfers

There’s so much golf to choose from here. From Falsterbo, Sweden’s oldest links course, the seaside courses of Flommen, Ljunghusen and Trelleborg, and parkland and woodland courses of Tegelberga and Vellinge. Hit the greens on the PGA National course designed by Kyle Phillips, or tailor your own Southwest Skåne tour. Read more about the best golf courses in Skåne.


Trelleborg is one of the oldest cities in Skåne. The city gets its name from the Viking-age ring castle in the middle of the city that has been partially recreated.

A sunny day in the center of Trelleborg. Buses, cars and people are passing by.
© Apelöga

Trelleborg is a great place to start a cycling tour. Bike either east or west along Sydkustleden (the South Coast Trail) that takes you through the city to picturesque fishing villages, past beautiful meadows and sandy beaches perfect for swimming. Time for some pedal power.

Skanör-Falsterbo – Skåne’s riviera

Skanör and Falsterbo are two medieval towns joined together on the elongated reef-like western part of the Falsterbo Peninsula. For millions of years, nature has transformed the area into a place of real beauty where birds migrate, seals swim, and people relax on the glorious white sands or walk along the dunes. It’s also a mecca for golf with three of Sweden’s best courses just a couple of kilometres away from each other. The area is flat and a great place to explore by bike.

While in Skanör, enjoy a cocktail at Badhytten in the harbour and enjoy a nice Da Aldo ice from one of the shops or kiosks. 

View from above of Skanör harbor with boats and small fishermans huts
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A woman with a bike standing next to a hut on the beach facing the sea
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cyclists and pedestrians on a gravel road next to a meadow with grazing cows
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Two women that just bought food from a foodshed called Lindas fingermat.
© Apelöga
Lindas Fingermat in Skanör


The area hosts the Falsterbo Horse show every July, one of Europe’s premier equestrian events. 

Try a taste of the southwest

From farm shops to breweries and even wineries, there are a host of places in Southwest Skåne to tickle your tastebuds.  


Ängavallen has a motto of having love and respect for animals and nature. Their food has no added ingredients or chemicals. The farm breeds its own pigs, sheep and cows. Buy food from the shop, eat at what they bill as Sweden’s best eco restaurant, or stay at their organic hotel. 

Hällåkra vingård

This vineyard close to Anderslöv is in a unique wine growing environment that gives their wines uniquely characteristic Scandinavian traits. Wines are made from Solaris and Rondo and include classical varieties of Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris and Auxerrois Blanc. Hällåkra also produces a sparkling wine. Visit the winery and walk around the fields and enjoy great food – with accompanying wines – from their Vinoteket, the on-site restaurant. 

Hönsinge hantwerksbryggeri

A man pouring beer into beer glasses at Hönsinge brewery

Hönsinge is a craft brewery that produces different types of beer, from light lagers to American Pale Ale, India Pale Ale, brown ale and short runs of special beers. Take a deep-dive into the world of brewing at one of their lectures, beer tastings and brewery display. Hönsinge offers snacks to go with their beer including cold meats, bread and more. 


Almaregården is a flower and garden shop by the sea in Kämpinge with a view over the sea.  With a simple idea of selling quality produce and tools, Almegården sells a range of cut flowers, plants and fruit trees. The shop stocks organic fruits, hand-made cheeses, oils, coffee, delicious sweets and chocolates and much more. 

The farm shop at Annedals gård

Annedal in Vellinge stocks lots of different kinds of vegetables, berries, chutneys, jams and pickles. The ultimate farm shop, it’s a great place to pick other delicacies like honey, free-range eggs and different oils and drinks. 

What to see in southwest Skåne


Smygehuk is the southernmost point in Sweden east of Trelleborg. This is where the rolling meadows of Söderslätt meet the salty waves of the Baltic Sea. Explore the harbour and enjoy the scenery from the lighthouse viewpoint. Take time to visit the Merchant’s store (Köpmansmagasinet) that they say was once a smugglers’ den during the Napoleonic war. Enjoy something to eat or drink in one of the cafés or try some fish from the local smokehouse. 

Trelleborgen and Foteviken 

Skåne was Danish during parts of the Viking Age and ruled by famous kings including Harold Bluetooth. He built a network of fortresses, so called “trelleborgs”, to cement his power in the region. You can see a great example of these typical Viking age ring fortresses in the town of Trelleborg, explaining the town’s name. A quarter of the fort has been recreated on the original location and there is an on-site museum, exhibition, Viking farm and a café.

A gravel road and surrounding wooden houses in the Viking village of Fotevikens Museums
© Frits Meyst /

Foteviken Museum is a reconstructed village that shows how life might have been in a town

during the late Viking age. There are 23 buildings of different kinds, and a reconstructed Viking ship based on archaeological finds made in the waters outside Foteviken. 

During the two weekends after Midsummer the museums arrange Viking Markets and fairs that draw hundreds of merchants, craftsmen and Viking warriors from across Europe.

Bärnstensmuseet (Amber Museum)

This unique museum close to Höllviken, south west of Malmö, shows amber in all imaginable shapes. Study the small insect fossils preserved in the golden stones and explore the temporary exhibition. You can hunt for amber after your visit. The best time and place to look is on the beach after a storm. Ask for help in the museum and they will tell you where to go to amber hunting.

What to do in southwest Skåne

Boy in yellow t-shirt picks berries in a farmhouse tunnel
© Apelöga

Pick your own berries at Hallongården

Hallongården sells a range of home-made raspberry-based cakes, biscuits and lots more. Discover their delicious open sandwiches with speciality toppings or take your picnic basket and sit among the raspberry bushes. 

In the summer you can pick your own raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, gooseberries and black and red currants. Keep a lookout on their Facebook page which tells you which berries you can pick depending on supply and the weather.

Watch the birds on the Falsterbo peninsula

The Falsterbo peninsula is one of the most important bird migration routes in northern Europe. It is Sweden’s oldest nature reserve and an important breeding area for shorebirds and seals. 

Around 500 million birds pass this spot on their way to spend winter in Africa. Every autumn, the area around Falsterbo Lighthouse attracts thousands of birdwatchers, with 359 species passing through. The nature reserve consists of big sand deposits, which constantly change in shape and size due to ocean currents and wind.

Swim the crystal-clear waters 

The small bathing huts along the white sand dunes in the Höllviken, Falsterbo and Skanör coastline are beautifully painted in different colours. The sand is white and extremely fine, so pack your towel, lie on the sand on a sunny summer's day, and enjoy a swim. The water is crystal clear and clean, with a smooth undulating sandy bottom.

Colorful bathing huts on a white beach under a clear blue sky in Skanör
© Bianca Kramer


A white cottage with vaulted roof and terrace with lawn and shrubs in front
© Apelöga
Cabin at Falsterbo Resort

Where to stay in southwest Skåne

Falsterbo resort

Falsterbo camping resort is just a few hundred metres from the beach close to Ljung’s nature reserve. Stay in your own caravan or choose from any of the four different kinds of cabins on offer. The latest cabins are built in the same style as the bathing huts that line the beautiful coastline in Ljunghusen.

Father sits with his son in front of a white big house at a sandy beach
© Apelöga

Smygehus havsbad

Smygehus Havsbad is 2 km from Sweden’s most southern point, Smygehuk. Stay in a small, charming house with its own terrace or a suite in one of the new hotel rooms. Enjoy the sound of the sea surf and wake refreshed to kick start the morning with their delicious breakfast buffet.

Hotell Gässlingen

This small boutique hotel in Skanör offers rooms, SPA, relaxation area, outdoor pool and lots of other facilities. The chefs pride themselves in using produce from local growers and breeders to offer a first-class dining experience. Hotel Gässlingen is open all year around for conferences, weddings and other events.




The best photo spots in southwest

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