The fertile crescent of Skåne

The southwestern corner of Skåne abounds in places where the open landscape offers views that stretches for miles. This corner of Skåne is known for its agricultural fields where crops like golden wheat, green potato foliage and bright yellow canola make up a beautiful patchwork quilt. The reason for this is the soils, which has been recognised to be among the most fertile croplands in the world. Besides the fileds, there are also long white beaches, quaint seaside villages along the coast and farm shops sprinkled all over the golden fields.

Willow tree by a field
© Anders Tukler
Willow tree by a field in southwestern Skåne.

Home of the vikings

Foteviken viking village
© Foteviken

When you visit Southwest Skåne you will find plenty of traces from people living here thousands of years ago. Remains from the Viking era can be found on the plain, along the coasts and even inside Trelleborg city. It was here rune stones were carved, battles took place and people lived and loved 1000 years ago. During the Viking Age (800-1050 AD) Skåne was Danish and served the Danish king Harold Bluetooth who among other things introduced Christianity in the area. By establishing so-called “trelleborg fortresses”, with garrisons, he fortified his power in the province. Outside the fortresses he established Christian churches. Both the reconstructed Viking fortress Trelleborgen and the reconstructed Foteviken Viking Village in Höllviken is still situated at the same place where they once were built 1000 years ago.

the trelleborgen viking fort
© Krister Parmstrand

Foteviken Viking Museum in Höllviken and the Viking fortress Trelleborgen in Trelleborg are in fact the two big Viking sights in the area. In Foteviken you can wander around in a Viking town environment and at Trelleborgen you can climb the palisade and inspect the surroundings just as Harold Bluetooth did 1,000 years ago! If you want to discover more we advise you to go for a tour in the surroundings.


Smygehuk – the southernmost point in Sweden

You cannot get any further south than this, at least not in Sweden, unless you want to get your feet wet. Smygehuk, is situated east of Trelleborg, in Smygehamn where the rolling meadows of Söderslätt meet the salty waves of the Baltic Sea. Here you can explore the harbour and embrace the scenery by the viewpoint or from the lighthouse. Take your time to visit the Merchant’s store, maybe enjoy something to eat or drink in one of the cafés or try some fish from the local smoke-house.

The harbour in Smygehuk
© Therese Vorbau
The harbour in Smygehuk.
smygehuk in skåne
Smygehuk – the southernmost point in Skåne.
 fishing harbour in Smygehuk
© Therese Vorbau

A paradise for golfers

The southwestern is an uncharted paradise for golfers with world class golf courses. The endless, open fields and the wide, flat horizons with small pockets of forest of pine or beech or oak, the white beaches, the dramatic parts of the west coast is exactly what makes the land so suitable for golf. In this area, you’ll find a variety of different type of golf courses, from true links courses to seaside courses, parkland courses and woodland courses. Hit the greens on a PGA course designed by Kyle Phillips, or why not tailor your own Southwest Skåne tour by picking the courses that tickle your fancy. Read about the best golf courses here.

PGA golf course
© Michael Denker
PGA golf course.


Skanör and Falsterbo lie like a small jewel in the far southwest corner of Skåne. It is a conurbation consisting of the two medieval towns of Skanör and Falsterbo. Both towns are located on the elongated reef-like western part of the Falsterbo Peninsula. With the sea as its closest neighbour, nature has been transformed over millions of years into the beautiful place that lies here today. People who come to the beaches for the first time don't understand how the people who live here could ever want to go on holiday to any other seaside resort. 

beach huts in Skanör
Pastel-coloured beach huts in Skanör.

The small cabanas along the white sand dunes with historic roots are beautifully painted in all sorts of colors. The sand is white and extremely fine. So it's well worth the trouble of packing your swimming towel and lying back on the sand on a sunny summer's day, and don't forget to go for a swim! The water is crystal clear and clean, with a smooth undulating sandy bottom. At the end of a hard day’s sunbathing, you can refresh yourself with a cocktail at Badhytten or an aperitif at Da Aldo, an ice-cream parlour and café. And if you crave some faster activities than sunbathing you can rent bikes and roll down the hills to the beautiful and quaint town Falsterbo. 

Aerial view over the Måkläppen peninsula.
Aerial view over the Måkläppen peninsula.

Måkläppen Sanctuary

Måkläppen is a nature reserve located in Falsterbo in Vellinge Municipality, 20 or so kilometres south of Malmö. The nature reserve consists of big sand deposits, which constantly change in shape and size due to ocean currents and wind. It is Sweden’s oldest nature reserve and is an important breeding area for shorebirds and seals. 


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