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Thriving wildlife and breathtaking sea views

The silhouette of Kullaberg Nature Reserve sets the horizon for north-west Skåne. The dramatic cliffs with steep precipices are among Skåne’s most visited nature spots. Look out over breath-taking sea views, explore unique flora and fauna, and discover where people have made archaeological finds in one of the more than 20 caves in the cliffs.

Dramatic nature by the Kullaberg coastline © Aske Jorgensen
© Aske Jorgensen
Dramatic nature by the Kullaberg coastline
View of seaside town and sea
© Mickael Tannus
Bird view over the seaside village of Mölle.
Cliff formations in the sea
© Apelöga

A rich diversity of plant and animal Life

Hike through the area and you’ll see plenty of wildlife including foxes, badgers, roe deer and red deer. While wild boar are people-shy and you might miss them, there are plenty of sheep, cows and horses grazing on the meadows. Slimy friends include adders, grass snakes and various types of lizards and frogs. 

Find out more about what to do at the Naturum Kullaberg Visitors’ Centre where staff will gladly suggest hiking routes and give you advice about different options. Take a quiz to test your biology skills while your children touch the live starfish in the saltwater aquarium.

Outdoor activities 

Women standing on top of a cliff looking down at the sea
© Apelöga
To enjoy the rocky outcrops of the northwest coast of Skåne, climbing is a great and active way to start!

Stroll through the dramatic, unspoilt countryside, fish in the sea, watch for rare bird species,  dive, cave, rock climb, swim, paddle or play golf – there’s so much to do.


There are three main hiking trails. A red trail in the south, a blue trail in the north  and an orange trail that covers the coast on the peninsula. The red and the blue trails take you to the quaint village of Arild and are tied together with several smaller yellow-marked trails. The Blue trail is significantly harder to hike and takes you to very beautiful viewpoints.

The orange Kullaleden trail is 70 kilometres long and the most well-known of the three. This trail is a part of the Skåneleden long distance footpath and has been certified by ERA (European Ramblers Association) as a Leading Quality Trail, which means that it is among the best hiking trails in Europe in terms of physical standard, service level and nature experiences.

If biking is more your thing then why not cycle part of the Kattegatt Trail? It’s a cycle path that takes you 370 kilometres from Helsingborg to Gothenburg. Some of its most beautiful sections pass through Kullaberg. 

Kullaberg has been awarded three stars in the Michelin Green Guide. 

Couple hiking in nature reserve with tall trees around
© Planetvisible
Kullaberg Nature Reserve is a paradise for hiking-lovers!
Couple walking towards forest through cliff formation
© Apelöga
Kullaberg has many marked hiking trails that offer scenic views.

Porpoise Safari

You can often spot porpoises in the sea around the Kullaberg Nature reserve. Take a porpoise safari to watch them up close and enjoy the fantastic Kullaberg scenery, with its coves and mysterious caves. The trip lasts about 1 hour, but you should calculate 1.5 hours for the whole activity. Read more about the porpoise safari here

GPS Cave Walks

Take a GPS tour of the Kullaberg caves, some of which were Stone Age dwellings. The tour is a scenic guided walk on the southern side of Kullaberg, where you visit two different caves. Read more about the cave walks here.

View from above of a canoe docking in archipelago
© Planetvisible
Follow the rocky coastline and admire the dramatic cliffs of Kullaberg.
Cliffs and sea at sunset
© Mickael Tannus
Admire magic sunsets and golden lights at Kullaberg.
View of a man canoeing from above
© Planet Visible
Map of Skåne

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