Legend has it that this small island between Landskrona and Denmark was formed when a giant dropped a lump of earth into the sea. Today, Ven is known for its beautiful cliffs dropping straight into the sea, white beaches, quaint cottages, cosy cafés and fun hills for cycling. The iconic yellow bikes for rent are typical for Ven, and offer the best way to explore this beautiful island. 

View of Ven's Harbor and the island from the sea
© Aleksandra Boguslawska
The harbour of Ven
Family leaving the shore on a ferry
© Mickael Tannus
View of a small coastal town
© Mickael Tannus

Getting here and renting bikes

The easiest way to get to Ven is to take the ferry from Landskrona. Then walk up the hill to the bike rental facilities. Rent a tandem, bike with a trailer, a child carrier, or a two-wheeler with as many gears as you need. Grab a free map and you’re good to go.  

Find timetable for the boat between Landskrona and Ven here.                                

Rental bicycles lined up in docking station in the countryside
© Mickael Tannus

What to see and do

There are always great things to do on Ven, whatever time of year you visit. Hvens Glassfabrik (ice cream factory) is one of the first places to drop into once you’re off the boat. It serves superb-tasting, refreshing ice cream made on-site. All flavours are made from organic cream.

The Tycho Brahe Museum shows exhibitions, events and educational activities around Tycho Brahe’s research at the end of the 16th century. He started and ran an advanced research centre with a castle and observatory on the island. The area includes exhibitions, the Stjärneborg Observatory, a recreated Renaissance garden, a historical playground and a scaled planetary path. Tycho Brahe made some ground-breaking discoveries, primarily in astronomy, and is one of the most important science-historical sites in Northern Europe. 

Pumpans Café is perfect place for lunch, or that great Swedish fika. Right in the middle of the Island, the café serves Mediterranean-inspired food from organic ingredients, pizzas, bread and pastries baked with flour from its own stone mill. Buy home-made apple juice, coffee from their own roastery, and food sweetened with maple syrup or raw sugar. Try their great-tasting organic wines.

If your tipple is whisky, then Spirit of Hven Backafallsbyn is a must. The resort with a four-star hotel, restaurant and a distillery producing one of Sweden's premier whisky offers regular tastings (or vodka, or gin).  The centre offers weekend packages and a wide range of activities around Ven.

Alpaca trekking

Hven Alpacka offers trekking tours around the island on their 12 alpacas. During the trek they’ll tell you more about alpacas, their anatomy, their wool and a history of this interesting species. The tour takes around two hours and takes in some stunning scenery around the island of Ven.

Boy bicycling on a summer's day in the countryside
© Mickael Tannus
A family sample cheeses on the island of Ven
© Mickael Tannus
Family biking through the fields on a gravel road towards a white house on the island of Ven
© Mickael Tannus
Girl feeding a carrot to a goat
© Mickael Tannus
Feeding animals is fun!
Man tasting whiskey in a bar
© Mickael Tannus
People hiking in countryside during summer with a sea backdrop
© Mickael Tannus

Staying overnight

Spend the night (or several) on the island, and choose from cottages, a campsite and different guest houses. Camp Ven offers cottages and camp rooms in excellent locations all around the island. Their “Glamping” concept is to offer simply furnished accommodation in bunk beds, but with a real roof over your head in beautiful nature. If you prefer something a bit more luxurious, they offer “hotel-made beds” or proper hotel rooms at the main facility The House of Hven. There’s a restaurant at Strandkrogen that serves evening meals.

More information about Ven

Find more information about Ven on Upplev Ven
and Ven.

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