The tallest building in Scandinavia

Turning Torso
© Carolina Romare
Kite surfer next to Turning Torso

The Turning Torso in Malmö is a neo-futurist residential skyscraper ad the tallest building in Scandinavia. The building was designed by Spanish architect, structural engineer, sculptor and painter Santiago Calatrava, and is based on on of his earlier sculptures ”the Twisting Torso”, a white marble piece based on the form of a twisting human being. 

The Turning Torso was completed in 2005 and boasts a height of 190 metres, consists of nine cubes with a total of 54 stories, with a 90° twist from base to top. The top two floors boast the exclusive meeting rooms of Sky High Meetings. The first sod was cut on 14 February 2001, and on 1 November 2005, this twisted tower was ready for occupation.

Since the building is a residential, the tower is not open to visitors for more than 3 weeks every summer. Although the tower is not open to visitors, many people go to the area to see the building and the part of town called ”The western Harbour”, an area that feature exciting modern architecture. 



Turning Torso
Birds and Turning Torso in the sunset over Öresund
Turning Torso
© Anders Bunkus
Imagine the view from Turning Torsos windows
Turning Torso
© Anders Hjemdahl
Skyline over Western Harbor with Turning Torso
Turning Torso
© Joakim Iloyd
Turning Torso surrounded by housing in Western Harbor

The Western Harbour

The Western Harbour’s innovative focus has enhanced Malmö’s modern, green image. From here you can take in spectacular views of the Öresund Sound, and take your pick of fantastic restaurants and cafés. This new coastal district is within easy walking distance of both central Malmö and Ribersborg beach, known locally as the Copacabana of Malmö. Here, people play football on the grass and buy ice creams from Dolce Sicilia to enjoy as they gaze at the sea views. Stroll past the marina, the restaurant Salt & Brygga, and Espresso House with its outdoor seating area, sun loungers and design shop. Take a look at the houseboats on the canal, and then wander along the water’s edge. The Dockan area is now a marina for pleasure boats, surrounded by restaurants and cafés. 

Sun deck at Västra hamnen
© Carolina Romare
Sun deck at the Western Harbor

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