Sandhammaren is one of Skåne’s most popular beaches, and is located in Österlen, on the southeast tip of Skåne (and Sweden). Throughout the years, Sandhammaren has won several awards for being Sweden’s best beach, and is often referred to as the most delightful of all Sweden's beaches – with it’s dunes at the back, and a long, linear stretch of fine white sand pushing out west and east along the cape towards the horizon. This enormous sandpit is perfect for playing on the beach or for bathing in the water on hot summer days and the dunes and inland pine forests can be enjoyed in any season.

Since Sandhammaren is at the southern most point of Sweden, the vicious currents can be particularly dangerous – an important point to consider when bathing and paddling along the coast, so be careful when swimming here – walk out and swim back.

Sunken wrecks

Children playing by the sand dunes at Sandhammaren
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Due to the vicious currents, there was a time when Sandhammaren was best known for being the area where ships most often ran aground when trying to sail around the southernmost tip of Sweden. Today, the sand bar right off the coast is possibly the largest graveyard of boat wrecks in Sweden. As a result, there are four lighthouses dating from the 1860s, and Sweden’s oldest life boat station from 1892. The lighthouses are a well-known landmark to seafarers, and are now open to visitors who want to see the spectacular coastline from above. The lifeboat station is open daily from mid-April to mid-October. Guided tours in the lighthouse are available during summer months. For more information and opening hours, go here! Sandhammaren also has a kiosk where you can buy food. 

Sandhammaren beach
Sandhammaren beach invites to a sunny, windy and yet peaceful and harmonic beach life.

Good to know! 

Parking spaces can be hard to find if you don’t arrive early on the busiest days in July. One tip is to head for the western beach, at Tyge Å. Turn off the coast road towards Backåkra, and then follow the road down to the beach. There is an unsigned naturist spot at Hagestad. If you’re feeling energetic after sunbathing and swimming, there’s a nature reserve with a wealth of wildlife and birds, as well as Sweden’s most southerly herd of elk, just north of the beach.

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