Skåne, the southern-most region in Sweden, is the country’s larder. It’s right now in the midst of a food revolution, with local restaurants cooking up some of the Nordic region’s most interesting food. 

Revolutionalizing food 

With a strong focus on locally produced ingredients and sustainable production, the food landscape of Skåne is one of slow food and joie de vivre. This is the place for gourmet travellers looking for a slower pace of life and authentic tastes that spring from the rich, local soil. It surprised no one here that when The New York Times recently listed the most exciting food destinations of the moment, Skåne made it to their list.   

Nordic cuisine

The Nordic Cuisine is characterized by its purity, simplicity and freshness, and by a conscious use of seasonal foods and local produce. The concept turns familiar ingredients into new, mind-blowing sensations. Skåne, once part of Denmark, is home to some unique traditions and produce. Asparagus and peas, red deer and rook, rape seed oil and fresh potatoes - the list goes on. Keep reading for a list of ten of the region’s must-visit restaurants.

Daniel Berlin

Daniel Berlin

Michelin-chef Daniel Berlin offers his guests unique culinary experiences in an intimate and supreme countryside setting. Even though the location is way off the beaten track, you’ll still need to book your table way in advance. Daniel Berlin is passionately involved in every inch of his business and when you eat your dinner he will probably have shot the deer himself, and grown the vegetables in his garden.

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Restaurang Vollmers

Restaurang Vollmers

Located in central Malmö in a charming old town house, Restaurang Vollmers offers a culinary journey from historic Skåne to the modern elegance of today. The use of local produce from the region is an important part of the kitchen’s philosophy and the result is as refined as its origins are robust and rural. Using unexpected combinations and techniques, this is a restaurant that brings out the very best in the culinary heritage of Skåne.

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Bloom in the park

Bloom in the park

Located in the beautiful park Pildammsparken in Malmö, the biggest town in Skåne, you find this elegant establishment. The international team excels in creating unique dishes inspired by the freshest of ingredients. Bloom in The Park is a “No Menu” restaurant, meaning you cannot choose what to eat. Actually you won’t even know what you are served. All you have to do is close your eyes and let yourself be delighted and seduced.

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Restaurant Sture

Restaurant Sture

This ambitious restaurant markets itself as a French dining destination in the heart of Malmö. Enjoy fine wine and fine dining in a classical environment, guided by the expertise of the house sommelier. The menu consists of new takes on luxurious classical dishes and produce is supplied by small, high quality producers.

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Map of Skåne

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