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Skåne is Sweden’s larder, producing fantastic fruit, vegetables and organic meat. Right now it’s in the middle of a gastronomic revolution, with local restaurants cooking up some of the Nordic region’s most interesting food. 

Nordic cuisine

Nordic Cuisine is characterized by purity, simplicity and freshness, and by a conscious use of seasonal foods and local produce. The concept turns familiar ingredients into new, mind-blowing sensations. 

Pickles at Vollmers
Pickles at Vollmers, Malmö.
Daniel Berlin
© Miriam Preis
Michelin-star chef Daniel Berlin.

Skåne is home to some unique traditions and produce. Asparagus and peas, red deer and cabbage, canola oil and fresh potatoes – the list goes on. And so does the list of fantastic gourmet restaurants in the area, with new places opening on a regular basis. Read on to discover four not-to-be-missed places for lovers of gourmet food.  

Daniel Berlin

Michelin-chef Daniel Berlin offers his guests unique culinary experiences in an intimate countryside setting. Situated in the village of Skåne Tranås, the staff live their dream of experimenting with local produce. Daniel’s gastronomic expression balances classic, familiar, safe flavours with their roots in Skåne to modern, technically driven experimentalism. The old-fashioned house and courtyard seats 15 guests around five tables. Daniel Berlin is passionately involved in every inch of his business and when you eat your dinner he will probably have shot the deer himself, and grown the vegetables in his garden. Even though it’s off the beaten track, you’ll still need to book your table way in advance.

Vollmers dining room
Dining room at Vollmers, Malmö.

Restaurang Vollmers

Restaurang Vollmers in a charming town house in central Malmö offers a culinary journey from historic Skåne to the modern elegance of today. Now awarded two Michelin stars, the restaurant uses local produce to create excellent food combined with fine wines delivered with impeccable service. The result is as refined as its origins are robust and rural. Using unexpected combinations and techniques, the restaurant brings out the very best in Skåne’s culinary heritage. The way the food is presented will intrigue all your senses. 


Tareq Taylor
© Kockeriet
Chef Tareq Taylor, Kockeriet, Malmö.

With a passion to serve the perfect dining experience, Kockeriet in Malmö considers itself as a dining studio and restaurant you shouldn’t miss. Run by celebrity chef Tareq Taylor, the open-plan dining room gives its guests full visibility into the kitchen to see how the chefs work. For the staff here it’s all about old-fashioned pride in their craftsmanship and creating a warm, snug atmosphere. Choose between the 5 or 7-dish set menu that changes slowly by replacing one dish at a time to ensure ingredients are seasonal. There is a choice of carefully selected wines, beers and non-alcoholic alternatives to the menu. 

Restaurant Sture

Serving an excellent combination of perfect food and exquisite wine with a background of laid-back music, this small restaurant close to the centre of Malmö is made for gourmet lovers. Now run by Swedish chef Jonas Dellow, every dish is made to perfection from locally-grown produce. Sture offers a tasting menu with beautifully arranged, exotically prepared dishes. Quality ingredients, masterful, elegant cooking and elegant presentation make Sture a smash hit in fine dining – without too much of a hit on your pocket. 

Plating at Sture
© Sture
Plating at Restaurant Sture, Malmö.
Sture food
© Sture
Serving at Restaurant Sture, Malmö.
Mussla på Sture
© Sture
Mussle serving at Restaurant Sture, Malmö.
Sture dessert
© Sture
Dessert at Restaurant Sture, Malmö.


Map of Skåne

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