Fantastic Skåne flavours

There’s so much good food and drink in Skåne, all produced by skilled chefs, foodies and restaurateurs. From big, beefy BBQs to vegan delights, creative cocktails and organic wines, coffees and craft beers, there’s something for every taste. Here are just some of the many places whose one goal is to please your palate.

Food dish in ceramic plate on wood table
© Carolina Romare
One of many servings at Lyran, Malmö.


Lyran is close to Malmö’s Möllan – known for personal pubs and rustic restaurants. The restaurant takes its menu from local farmers, fishermen, hunters, and cheese producers, and not so local brewers, winemakers and cider makers to offer only the best seasonal ingredients. Their moto is that they are a small, restaurant staffed by warm, friendly ordinary people sharing an extraordinary love of good food and drink. Don’t miss.


The atmosphere at restaurant Västergatan in Malmö is warm and relaxed and the interior is minimalist Scandinavian design. Västergatan serves simple, uncomplicated dishes, all with a twist. All menus are combined with wines that enhance the taste, or even a juice menu if you’re thinking of driving afterwards.  


Riket (Swedish for kingdom) is the place to be for unusual acidic tastes, lovers of raw fish, local, seasonal vegetables concocted in delicious ways, or simply hanging out for a beer (or two). By Malmö’s Davidhallstorg, this pleasant spot offers outdoor sitting in summer and bills itself as the place for people who prefer good friends over white tablecloths. Pairing dishes made from local produce with fine organic wines, you choose from small dishes packed full of exotic flavours.

Food kit in a metal basket
© Carolina Romare
Food basket at Hörte brygga, Hörte.
Outside restaurant in countryside setting
© Lobster & Swan
Hörte Brygga
Pier view of house with nature surrounding
© Carolina Romare
Hörte brygga.

Hörte brygga

Wall with jars filled with dry food and counter
© Nina Olsson
Home-made preserves at Hörte Brygga.

This restaurant in the small harbour village of Hörte, southwest Skåne, has a “zero vision” of food waste, which means their kitchen turns every part of a product to a delicacy, cooked slowly and with care. The restaurant invites a special guest from one of the local farms every week in summer, and the evening’s menu is set from that farm’s produce. Hörte Brygga is not a traditional restaurant, you dine at long tables and order at the counter.


Pastafabriken (The Pasta factory) in Ingelstorp between Ystad and Simrishamn creates pasta from the finest local ingredients, then sells it fresh at their deli, or uses it in their “Il Restaurante”. The restaurant serves superb Italian pasta dishes, with tiramisu (of course) on the dessert menu. Enjoy great food or buy some home-made pasta. They grow their own vegetables such as spinach, beans, beets and cabbages – for a real local taste. 

Breakfast buffet at hotel with candles and tablecloth
© Carolina Romare
Breakfast buffet at Talldungens Gårdshotell.

Talldungens Gårdshotell

Talldungen in the village of Brösarp in spectacular Österlen serves food inspired by Southern European origins and cooked with locally sourced produce. The chefs serve great-value signature menus that are culinary delights in a perfect balance of casual but luxurious surroundings. Enjoy a five-course dinner, then relax in one of the 18 hotel rooms. Wake up to a plentiful breakfast buffet including freshly baked bread from the micro-bakery together with homemade marmalade.

BBQ food on steel plate with beer and person eating
© Mickael Tannus
Food at Holy Smoke.

Holy smoke BBQ

As they say, there’s no smoke without meat. And that’s something they know a lot at this specialist BBQ restaurant close to Mölle, north-west Skåne. Searching for the best raw materials, they get their prime brisket from Creekstone Farms in Arkansas, pork from Ugglarps and chicken from Bjärefågel, both Skåne-based. Then they cook it in specialist smokers then serve it in their “smokehouse”. 

Two pizzas and salad on wooden table
© Nina Olsson
Pizza at Mölle Krukmakeri.

Mölle krukmakeri

This pottery on the tip of the Kulla peninsula has a café that serves exquisite food and pizzas that melt in your mouth.

From savoury soups to fresh pasta, saturating sandwiches and delicious cakes, everything is cooked on-site, all year-round.  One of their trademarks is the Faema e61 espresso machine from 1962, where they brew and serve the finest coffee from Bergstrands in Gothenburg. The pizzeria sells simple but delicious flavours baked from a protein-rich dough. There’s even a parking spot for your horse!

Salad in a white bowl on brown table
© Carolina Romare
Lunch at Saltimporten, Malmö.

Saltimporten Canteen

Long restaurant tables with people eating
© Carolina Romare
Saltimporten, Malmö.

What happens when a pair of acclaimed young chefs take over a dockside warehouse in Malmö and open a restaurant two hours a day? The answer is food prepared from fabulous local ingredients with lots of love.

Offering two lunch dishes a day, a "regular" and a vegetarian, Saltimporten’s idea is honest home cooking in modern form, spiced with contemporary flavours, natural, local produce and refined technology. The place can be difficult to find, so check directions in advance.


This family-run café in Malmö specializes in the Scandinavian take on sandwiches – if you couldn’t guess.

After 20 years of experimenting, they sell those “out-of-the-ordinary” sandwiches blending ingredients such as long-baked pork side, pickled lemons, yogurt and kimchi mayonnaise. Located in the trendy area of Möllevången in Malmö, all their sandwiches are made to order. As they say, there’s a huge difference between sandwich and Scandwich. 

Far i hatten

In a quirky, cottage-like building located in Folkets Park in Malmö, this charming restaurant brims with personality. Order a wood-fired pizza, or go for the dish of the day. Even the cocktails and wine list are seasonal. Have a 'fika' in the café in summer.

Want to find even more tips on good restaurants, bars and cafés in Skåne? Check out the guide High Five Skåne here.

Two women smiling by red and yellow bar
© Apelöga
Lady foodies at Far i hatten, Folkets park Malmö.

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