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Some of the world’s best chefs come from Skåne, and it’s probably because they’re used to working with the best ingredients. Next time you see a sign saying “Farm Shop", “Freshly caught herring" or "new potatoes”, go buy some.  Here’s a selected list of farm shops and markets to shop meat, eggs, musts, fish, mustard, apples, raspberries, cheese and other locally grown goodies.

But first, watch our video about locally produced food in Skåne:


View over Ängavallen© Ängavallen
The café © Miriam Preis


For decades Ängavallen, close to Trelleborg in south Skåne, has been serving the best raw produce from farm to table. Stroll in the 19th century park, relax in the restaurant and smell the lovely herb garden. They serve and sell 100 % organic meats, bread, butter, cheeses, patés and olive oils. Don’t miss the restaurant and café.

Read more on Ängavallen's website Read more

Kåseberga Fisk

Kåseberga fisk
Herring sandwich at Kåseberga fisk

Kåseberga Fisk

Enjoy fish cured the traditional way using alder wood and alder wood chips to give it that most delicious flavour and fine golden brown colour. All the herring comes from the Baltic sea outside Kåseberga, south-west Skåne, while the salmon is freshly caught in the Norwegian fjords. Curing house, fish shop and restaurant.

Read more on Kåseberga fisk's website Read more

Tomatens hus

Tomaten hus © Apeloga

Tomatens hus

You’ll have to go a long way to find tastier tomatoes, chilies, spices and sour dough bread than that served in this shop between Landskrona and Helsingborg. Try their sumptuous “secret recipe” tomato pie, and sample the exquisite marmalades, chutneys, vinegars, cheese, meats and tapas dishes at the Miss Alice delicatessen.

Read more on Tomatens hus' website Read more


Raspberrys © Gunnar Magnusson
Products of Hallongården © Gunnar Magnusson


Hallongården close to the south Skåne city of Trelleborg sells raspberries, blueberries, asparagus, juices and jams. All made from the bushes just outside the door. Discover their delicious open sandwiches with speciality toppings or take your picnic basket and sit among the raspberry bushes. Café and guided tours.

Read more on Hallongården's website Read more


Welcome © Carolina Romare
Grazing cows © Carolina Romare
The store © Miriam Preis
Meat box © Lindegrens
Lindegrens landscape © Miriam Preis


Hike straight to the door and enjoy the best of beef, lamb sausages and patés from this farm shop north of Ängelholm in north-west Skåne. The animals are fed on organically grown grasses and herbs, providing a high level of healthy omega-3 fats. The result is natural, tasty, juicy beef sold in the shop. You can even join a course or a guided tour.

Read more on Lindegrens' website Read more


Kullalamms farm shop


Don’t miss these local producers of fine lamb, beautiful lambskins and other delicacies for your lamb roast close to Arild in the beautiful Kulla peninsula. The shop has a great selection of fresh meats, smoked meats, sausages, locally grown vegetables and tasty specialties from the surrounding area.

Read more on Kullalamm's website Read more

Österlen Sparris

A handful of asparagus © Skånska matupplevelser

Österlen Sparris

Experience asparagus in all its glory and try this year’s signature asparagus dish at this grower close to the beautiful fishing village of Skillinge. Buy succulent, tender asparagus from the nurseries, or take home plants to grow your own. See what’s on show at Sweden’s first asparagus museum and learn the when, how and why of asparagus. You can even buy the asparagus book that’s full of tips, tricks and recipes.

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Map of Skåne

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