If your children love animals, there is a multitude of things to do in Skåne. Spend a day at the zoo, visit an old preserved farm with traditional live stock or risk a serious cuteness overload at the alpaca safari. Listed below are a few of the options available for families with animal-loving little ones.

For even more animal adventures, find out more here about Skåne's best birdwatching spots, seal watching in Måkläppen and the whole region's horse riding opportunities.)

Skånes Djurpark – a Nordic zoo

Child feeding a moose © Mickael Tannus

Skånes Djurpark – a Nordic zoo

Skånes Djurpark is home to more than a thousand wild and tame Nordic animals. Have a picnic while watching the majestic elks, look for the foxes as they hide in the bushes and stroke and feed some cuddly animals in the petting zoo. Don’t miss the world's first Shaun the Sheep theme park or the “Expedition Up” with wooden bridges in the trees where you can watch the animals from high above.

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Alpaca trekking - fluffy furs and friendly temper

Alpaca trekking © Mickael Tannus.jpg

Alpaca trekking - fluffy furs and friendly temper

These dreamy fairy-tale creatures are placid, friendly animals. On the Alpackahof farm in northern Skåne you can book an alpaca trekking adventure for the whole family. A walk through the forest in the company of alpacas is a unique experience, and even children who are shy and anxious usually feel at ease with alpacas, whose friendly, sensitive nature is impossible to resist. The walk takes around two hours, including a picnic-stop.

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Tropikariet - an indoor zoo with exotic species

Tropikariet  © Mickael Tannus

Tropikariet - an indoor zoo with exotic species

Have you ever petted a shark or a crocodile? Or want to feed the meerkats? At Tropikariet you can do that and so much more. Located in the city of Helsingborg, this indoor zoo is home to exotic species from all around the world. Meet lemurs from Madagascar, check out the world’s smallest monkey from South America and visit the Rainforest Night, with its bat cave full of flying dogs and slow loris climbing the trees.
Look out for the poisonous reptiles in the African section and check out the impressive shark tank. In the cuddle-pools you can touch different sea creatures before you finish your visit with some waffles in the café Masai Mara.

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Porpoise Safari – see dolphins up close

Porpoise Safari © Kullabergsguiderna

Porpoise Safari – see dolphins up close

Ever been to a Porpoise Safari? The Porpoise is a small toothed whale that looks like a dolphin. Come along on a one hour boat trip and see the porpoises up close and marvel at the fantastic Kullaberg scenery with alluring coves and mysterious caves. You also get to experience the marine fauna in the aquariums, touch the starfish and watch underwater videos of porpoises. There´s also an evening tour of the magical coastline.

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