Skåne, the southernmost part of Sweden, is home to an impressive diversity of bird species. It’s part of the most important European route for migrating birds, offering eagle safaris and the chance to watch the gracious dance of the cranes.

Falsterbo – a bird migration centre of northern Europe

Eagle flying over Måkläppen, Falsterbo Bird Show

The bird migration route that crosses the heaths of the Falsterbo peninsula south west of Malmö is one of the most important in northern Europe. Around 500 million birds from Scandinavia pass this spot on their way to spend winter in Africa. Every autumn, the area around Falsterbo Lighthouse attracts thousands of birdwatchers. All 359 species spotted here are listed on this site

For the best view climb the roof of Falsterbo Strandbad. There’s a tower especially built for bird-watching where you can admire the long beach, the sea and the vast heaths. Borrow binoculars, and Naturum, the visitor’s centre for bird watchers, is there too.



A woman birdwatching

Falsterbo Bird Show – Scandinavia’s biggest bird fair 

Bird watchers from all over the world gather for the Falsterbo Bird Show at the end of August or beginning of October. It’s the largest bird event in Scandinavia. Watch the birds migrate through binoculars from the roof of Falsterbo Strandbad, or on large screen TV screens. The extensive programme includes everything from bird-bingo to lectures in ornithology. Find more information about the Falsterbo Bird Show here.

Birds of prey in Skåne

The powerful, majestic birds of prey top the wishing lists for many bird watchers. And Skåne is the place to spot several rare species, especially during the cold season. The mild winter climate of southern Sweden provides favourable living conditions and plenty of small game for the birds to hunt. 

Red Kite – the landscape bird of Skåne 

The red kite is very common in Skåne, and is the bird of the region. From being nearly extinct in the seventies, it has now grown, and the elegant, curious bird with its characteristic split tail can be seen all over Skåne.  

Eagles – kings of nature 

You can spot the majestic Sea Eagle and the impressive Golden Eagle here. Other species seen in Skåne are Spotted Eagle, Imperial Eagle and the unusual Steppe Eagle. Head for Vattenriket (Kingdom of Water) in Kristianstad to see these birds. 

Flying Eagle at Vattenriket Kristianstad, Skåne
© Johan Hammar

This nature reserve is designated a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, and offers interesting nature experiences including an eagle safari boat ride. Sea Eagles and Golden Eagles are also in the Fyledalen nature reserve in deep valley between Sjöbo and Tommelilla in south-western Skåne. 

The beautiful valley is several hundred metres wide in some places and almost 50 meters deep, providing favourable living conditions for a rich and unique flora and fauna. 

The dance of the cranes – an unforgettable performance

Cranes at sunset
© Sven Persson
Cranes at sunset.

Every spring thousands of cranes land by the lakes of Skåne to perform their fascinating mating ritual. Skåne is the perfect distance from Rügen-Bock in southern Germany where the cranes start their yearly flight, and the fields here provide them with plenty of food on their trip. 

Experience the breath taking performance live at Lake Pulken in northeastern Skåne. Most cranes arrive around 25th March, and you can take guided tours and visit viewing areas set up with binoculars. Watch the performance via a web camera here.  

Transafari in Kristianstad, Skåne
© Sven Persson

The lekking of the black grouse

The mating dance of the black grouse is a sign of spring in Skåne. The place to see it is Fjällmossen on the Linderödsåsen ridge in eastern Skåne. 

The proud prancing of these unique birds, characteristic mating calls and suggestive atmosphere of the wetlands at dawn is an unforgettable nature experience. A 1,700 meter-long footbridge lets you keep your feet dry as you venture from the car park to the bird tower and hiding place.   

Orrsafari in Skåne
© Johan Hammar

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