Fan of The Bridge? Then this is a must. Come to Malmö to discover the Öresund Bridge and go on The Bridge tour of Malmö. When you visit we think you’ll become a fan of Malmö and Skåne too.

The Öresund Bridge on the night
Magnificent view from Ribersborgs open-air bath

The Öresund Bridge is a combined rail and road bridge. The first 8 kilometres is on the bridge, the final 4km is through the world’s longest underwater tunnel that takes you to the artificial island of Pepparholmen. Do it by car or take the train, but whatever you do, experience the Öresund Bridge when you’re in Malmö.

If you drive along the coast of Skåne, you can see the bridge's imposing silhouette rising above the water, and it is particularly beautiful at sunset. You get the best view of the Öresund Bridge from the lookout point at Luftkastellet and if you drive across, you will get to experience the magnificent bridge yourself, as you whiz over the dark blue sea between the tall pillars. 

The Öresund Bridge is one very impressive piece of architecture and it is definitely the scenic way of getting from Copenhagen to Malmö by car or train. But surely the symbolic meaning is even greater, given that in days gone by the province of Skåne was part of Denmark and the Swedes and Danes were at each other’s throats. Thankfully they are pals now.

The Öresund Bridge over the sea
© Joakim Lloyd Raboff
View over Ribersborgs Beach and The Öresund Bridge
The Öresund Bridge lighting up the ocean
The Öresund Bridge lighting up the ocean
The Öresund Bridge
The Öresund Bridge in magic fog
The Öresund Bridge
Sunset over The Bridge
The Öresund Bridge
© Anders Hjemdahl
The Öresund Bridge.

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