The topography and climate of Skåne is a cyclist’s dream. The network of public transport lets riders bring their bikes on board and the variety of the landscape offers excellent opportunities for amateurs as well as for seasoned enthusiasts. 

Outside urban areas is a tightly knit network of roads, many of which are hardly used by motorists at all. And there are many bike trails completely free from cars. 

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Combine laid-back pedalling through fields and meadows with challenging hillside rides along the coasts, and intense nature experiences in the deep forests and national parks. 

Skåne has something to offer for every taste and level of skill. Keep reading for some of the best bike trails in Skåne.

Bicyclists in heritage village of Ystad
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Bike around the picturesque small town of Ystad.
A man is cycling off the track, near the cliffs of Ale's rocks
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Take a break and gaze at the horizon.
Two women are cycling on a gravel road with cows walking in a line grazing
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Enjoy Skåne's diverse landscapes.
Map over Kattegattleden.
Map over Kattegattleden trail.


The coastline trail Kattegattleden was Sweden’s first national tourist bicycle route. It stretches along the west coast of Sweden from Helsingborg – one of the oldest and largest cities in Skåne – up to Gothenburg, Sweden’s second biggest city. The trail offers uninterrupted beautiful scenery for almost 400 kilometres. Most of it is free from cars and you pass dramatic coastlines, sandy beaches and picturesque villages. 

There are many sites worth visiting along the way, such as the beautiful Sofiero Castle, the Kullaberg National Park and the Upzone adventure park

The route is lined with a string of cafés and restaurants, and you can choose from different accommodation options including camping, bed & breakfasts and hotels.  

To follow Kattegattleden, look for the red and white signs marked with number 1.


Couple with bicycles having a break by a beach cabin
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Two people with bicycles enjoy the view of the sea on a sunny day
© Apelöga
Enjoy the peaceful view!
Map over Sydostledens bicycle route.
Map over Sydostleden trail.

Sydostleden – the southeastern trail

Sydostleden (or the southeastern trail) is one of Sweden’s national biking trails stretching 300 kilometres. The trail starts (or ends) in southeastern Skåne, in the quaint town of Simrishamn, and takes you through an ever-changing landscape to the city of Växjö in the neighbouring province of Småland. 

In Skåne you pass through the apple orchards of Kivik, where you can stop and sample apple cider, before continuing through picturesque farmlands, pastures and forests. The route offers wonderful views of the natural and cultural landscapes of Skåne. 

Stop by Hallamölla Waterfalls, Skåne's highest falls with a vertical drop of 23 metres, and its well-preserved mill,  The sandy beaches in Skåne followed by the archipelago in Blekinge and the deep forests of Småland makes this bike trail unique. 

Sydostleden is an easily accessible and traffic-safe route packed with cultural experiences and stunning nature. Most of the trail consists of car-free cycle paths and the entire route is marked with red and white signs and the number 2.

A couple cycling on a country road in Österlen, with a field and the sea in the background
© Mickael Tannus
A couple on a pier going for a swim after biking in Skåneleden
© Mickael Tannus
Enjoy a refreshing dip!


Sydkustleden (the southcoast trail) is a 260 kilometre long cycle path divided into six sections that takes you along the south coast of Skåne from Simrishamn in the beautiful area of Österlen in the east, through the southern peninsula of Trelleborg, Skanör Falsterbo, to Malmö then up the west coast to Helsingborg.

The trail takes you past some of Sweden's most beautiful beaches on a route where you can explore historical and scenic environments, enjoy dinner at local inns, and visit the vibrant cities of Malmö and Helsingborg. Cycle up to Glimmingehus, Scandinavia’s best-preserved medieval stronghold, then pass by Ales Stenar, a fantastic stone formation shaped like a Viking boat. Make your mark at Smygehuk, Sweden’s southernmost tip, then on to some smart city life, with a great choice of accommodation, restaurants for every taste, concerts and more.

Bike one section at a time, merge multiple sections or cycle the whole trail in one sweep. Either way, be sure to make time for lots of stops along the way.

Two cyclists and bathing huts on the sand in Skanör beach on a sunny day
© Apelöga
Bike around quaint fishing villages and picturesque beach cabins.
A couple cycling through central Helsingborg with the Terrace Stairs in the background
© Apelöga

Ven – a paradise island for biking

The small island of Ven is in the middle of the Öresund, the waters that part Skåne from Denmark. 

Family biking through the fields on a gravel road towards a white house on the island of Ven
© Mickael Tannus

Ven has been a classic biking destination for decades and offers biking in beautiful, family- friendly surroundings. Cosy villages, quaint cottages, hills, meadows and dramatic cliffs that drop straight into the sea makes this a perfect venue for day excursions. 

Arrive by boat from Landskrona and follow people up the hill to the bike rental facility with its characteristic yellow bicycles. Opt for a regular bike, tandem, bike with a trailer or an ordinary two-wheeler. Stop for ice cream at the ice cream factory across the road.

Two people cycle on a wooden footbridge amongst the sand dunes at Sandhammaren beach
Get impressed by the variety of Skåne's biking routes


Order your bicycle route map here

Skåne offers bike-friendly conditions, accessible cycle paths supported by a good public transportation system and lots of small, friendly places offering food and accommodation. A biking vacation in this beautiful part of Sweden will leave you wanting more. Happy biking.

Map of Skåne

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