Image bank

Our image bank offers images for press, events, and others agencies who want to increase the visibility of Skåne. Photos in the image bank may be used free of charge to market Skåne, as well as the events and activities in the region. The photos may be used in editorial contexts when Skåne is marketed as a travel destination. Bylines must always contain: "Photo: © photographer's name". The user is always responsible for the publication. The photos in the image bank are prohibited for re-sale. Image inquiries that cannot be resolved by Business Region Skåne should be forwarded directly to the photographer. If photos are used not in accordance with the previous description legal charges by the copy write owners may follow. The images are not intended for private use, and may not be used in advertising for specific products or services. On the front page of the image bank you can find more detailed information about our terms and conditions.