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Craft beer and microbreweries

Many of Skåne’s microbreweries are open to the public and many of them arrange guided tours and beer tastings. Check out the name of the beers you like, then pop by Systembolaget, the centralized alcohol stores, and buy a selection. 

Beer in Sweden

The ancient Vikings were brewing beers, ale and mead over a thousand years ago, setting the Scandinavian tradition for great beer. The indie trend of small-scale local breweries has changed the Swedish beer landscape and added an exciting variety to the shelves in Systembolaget – the alcohol shop, and pubs and restaurants everywhere.  

Being a region compact in size and with great communications, the large number of beer producers in such a small area makes Skåne a perfect destination for beer lovers.

Here are a few of the microbreweries in Skåne you shouldn’t miss. 

Klackabackens bryggeri

Klackabacken öl foto carolina romare
Klackabackens bryggeri

Klackabackens bryggeri

Klackabackens brewery in Önnestad, outside Kristianstad markets their beers as “classic with a twist”. Their specialities are unique pales and porters. Book a beer tasting, or a half-day course at the brewery school where you can take part in beer brewing in a fun and easy way, then take home a six-pack of beer you brewed yourself.

Read more on Klackabackens bryggeri's website Read more

Charlis Brygghus

Charlis Brygghus
Charlis Brygghus

Charlis Brygghus

Probably Europe's smallest brewery and experimenting with new beers and types all the time, Charlis Brygghus in Trolle Ljungby castle specializes in luxury light beer made from birch wax to heavier ales and smoky stouts. The beer is so good that the local municipality uses it for all its official functions. The brewery arranges guided tours and tastings.

Read more on Charlis Brygghus's website Read more


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Brewski brewery in Helsingborg tries to explore and set new limits for what can be and not be done with beer. Their beers include IPAs with fruity names such as MangoFeber, PassionFeber, Barbarian and Red Robot. The brewery holds tastings and even a “Brewskival”, their annual beer festival in August.

Read more on Brewski's website Read more
Map of Skåne

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