Beer in Sweden

Ale brewing has a long history in Sweden. Ancient Viking writings such as the Hávamàl show that Norse culture used brewing to produce ale and mead. Up until the 19th century, brewing was produced for household needs and beer was an everyday drink containing a 

In the middle of the 19th century a lot of small breweries developed in the larger cities. In the beginning of the 20th century many of them started to merge, resulting in three large brewery conglomerates; Pripps, Spendrups and Falcon. The indie trend of small-scale local breweries has once again changed the Swedish beer landscape and added an exciting variety to the shelves in Systembolaget.  

Beer is booming in Skåne and a constantly increasing number of microbreweries are setting up production in cities and villages as well as in the countryside. Being a region compact in size and with great communications, the large number of beer producers in such a small area makes Skåne a perfect destination for beer lovers.

Craft beer and micro breweries

Many of the breweries are open to the public so you can visit their production facilities, and many of them arrange guided tours and beer tastings on a regular basis. Note the name of the beers you like, so that you can find them later on the shelves in Systembolaget, the centralized alcohol stores through which all alcoholic beverages are sold in Sweden. Here are a few of the microbreweries in Skåne that are well worth a visit.

Here’s a a list of breweries in Skåne where you can learn all about how your favorite beverage is made. Most brewery tours take you through the entire operation. Tour guides (often the brewers themselves) answer your questions and introduce you to unique brewing techniques. After your done with your tour, make sure to stick around and try the beers in their taproom.


Charlis Brygghus

Charlis Brygghus

Probably Europe's smallest brewery! Experimenting with new beers and types all the time, Charlis Brygghus in the small area of TrolleLjungby, specialize in the craft of brewing beer. Here you will find several guided tours about beer making as well as tastings. Among the brewery's own beer selection are several exciting varieties, ranging from luxury light beer made from birch wax to heavier ales and smoky stouts. The beer’s so good that the local municipality uses it for all its official functions. Come and taste the passion they put in their ales, superales and lagers.

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Malmö Brygghus

Malmö Brygghus

This local ale house in Malmö, the biggest town in Skåne, carries on traditions from1889. Located in Möllevången, one of the most vibrant areas in town, Malmö Brewing Co & Taproom offers a relaxed atmosphere. Book a guided tour and enjoy a large selection of craft beers, cider, wine and mead with a BBQ style bar menu in their tap room.

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Klackabackens bryggeri

Klackabackens bryggeri

Klackabackens brewery is in the small village of Önnestad, just outside Kristianstad in north eastern Skåne. This brewery began as a fun project after three friends came back from a road trip in the USA. Marketing their beers as “classic with a twist”, this is the perfect place to enjoy unique pales and porters. The brewery occasionally offers beer tastings, and you can taste the craft beers while enjoying a burger or some snacks in the brewery pub in the village of Skepparslöv just a short drive away.

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Stockeboda Gårdsbryggeri

Stockeboda Gårdsbryggeri

Stockeboda Restaurant and Brewery is in the picturesque area of Österlen in eastern Skåne. The brewery arranges beer tastings and brewery courses. Stockeboda offers accommodation in small, red cottages for guests who want to spend the night. Enjoy dinner consisting of lamb, deer or boar roasted whole, accompanied by some of the beers from the brewery.

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Humletorkan Brewery

Humletorkan Brewery

Humle means hop in Swedish and Humletorkan was originally used for drying the hop crops of the whole region. The old, red wooden house dates back to 1926. Today, Humletorkan is run by a non-profit organisation.
The Näsuma pale ale is produced in a local brewery nearby. Enjoy Näsuma beer in the café together with home baked pastry and sandwiches. There’s also a small shop selling the work of local craftspeople. Humletorkan has a cosy hostel where you can spend the night.

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In Sweden, all alcoholic beverages containing over 3.5% alcohol by volume are sold through the government owned chain called Systembolaget, which literary translates to the System Company. 

You have to be over 20 to buy alcoholic beverages at Systembolaget, whereas the age limit for ordering alcohol in bars and restaurants is 18. The reason for this monopoly is to control and reduce damage caused by overconsumption and to promote a moderate drinking culture. Systembolaget can be found in central locations in most Swedish cities.  

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