Located in the southernmost part of Sweden, Skåne consists mainly of the large peninsula that form the southern tip of the country. With its convenient location, its fertile soil and surrounding waters rich in herring, Skåne has been a very attractive area and the centre of disputes and wars been Sweden and Denmark for large parts of its history as the region has alternately belonged to both countries. The region has a rich agricultural tradition and the small, whitewashed farms that are so characteristic for this part of the country lay scattered all over Skåne. Some of these farms have been preserved or restored and stepping over their thresholds is like stepping through the gates of time. These open air museums are like theatrical incarnations of what life once used to be like in Skåne, and often the experience is enhanced by the staff dressing and acting in accordance with the era represented. Skåne, just like the rest of Sweden, was also once home to the notorious Vikings, and in several locations this part of history is reenacted in ambitious projects such as actual townships, complete with small businesses, cattle and inhabitants dressed in viking gear. An event that attracts a lot of visitors who are interested in medieval history is the yearly tournaments held every summer, where knight dressed in medieval attire compete in tournament games and skills of arms. So if you have a flair for the past, just enter the Scanian time machine and buckle up - you are in for a memorable ride!

Wanås – A Unique Place For Art

Kid at Wanås © Mickael Tannus

Wanås – A Unique Place For Art

Since its inception in 1987, world famous artists such as Yoko Ono and Roxy Paine have come to this place, soaked up the atmosphere and then developed a unique exhibition specifically for Wanås and installed it on site. Explore the art in the woods, buy your food at the organic farm, or pop into the shop and cafe to get refreshed. Wanås is a place where art, nature and history meet. Since 1987, Wanås presents contemporary international art with a focus on site-specific installations. Wanås is located in Östra Göinge in southern Sweden and consists of an organic farm, a beautiful hotel, an art gallery, a huge sculpture park with a collection containing 50 permanent art works, as well as a shop and a café. Every year world-renowned artists are invited to produce art at Wanås.

The sculpture park is a must see for art lovers and a great experience for those who are just curious. Every year, Nordic and internationally known artists into Wanås to produce new art in the park and inside the buildings. The installations are created by the the artists on site, tailored to fit the beautiful scenery around Wanås. Some of the artworks blend so well into the nature that they are difficult to distinguish. A seemingly ordinary stump is in fact a well-layered work of art and the beautiful birds singing in the forest is really just a tape that goes on repeat. Or is it a real bird sitting over there in the tree? Then again. Listen carefully.

And whatever you do, do not miss Yoko Ono's works. In 14 apple trees, visitors get to hang notes that they write their wishes on. Each year the wishes are sent to Iceland where Yoko Ono stores them in memory of John Lennon.

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Kulturen in Lund – entertainment for the youngest


Kulturen in Lund – entertainment for the youngest

Kulturen in central Lund is one of the world’s best open-air museums. There are up to twenty different exhibitions, highlighting everything from art, design, culture and history. The children’s playground features a small water system with an old-fashioned, manual pump that keeps young ones entertained for hours. There are often temporary exhibitions especially for kids. If you get hungry, drop into the restaurant and café, or enjoy a picnic on the well-kept lawns.

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Fredriksdals museer & trädgårdar

Kid at Fredriksdal © Mickael Tannus

Fredriksdals museer & trädgårdar

Fredriksdal, located in the city of Helsingborg, is one of the largest open-air museums in Sweden, and is almost like a historical version of Skåne in miniature. Famous for its vast and diverse gardens, Fredriksdal features everything from botanical gardens with flowers and plants from the region to historical vegetable and herb gardens. Here you will also find historic buildings and whole preserved town quarters complete with cobble stones and old houses. The surrounding meadows and pastures are beautiful with grazing animals of ancient farm breed typical for this region, such as cows, sheep, goats and horses. Permanent as well as temporary exhibitions showcase life and culture through the ages and the old houses present an interesting journey through the different building techniques of history. The crown jewel of Fredriksdal is the ancient rose garden with its spectacular collection. Here you can decant thousands of fragrant beauties, the oldest one having been cultivated as far back as 2000 years ago.

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Foteviken © Frits Meyst / MeystPhoto.com


Foteviken is a reconstruction of a large Viking Age settlement on the Höllviken peninsula in southern Skåne. It’s a city of inhabitable houses, creating a strong sense of authenticity. A full-scale recreation of a Viking ship found off the coastline is on display. The week following Midsummer the museum arranges the annual Foteviken Viking Market, that draws hundreds of merchants, craftsmen and Viking warriors from all around the world.

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Trelleborgen viking fort 

Vikings © Peter Löfqvist
Vikings © Joachim Orrenius
Vikings © Ingrid Wall
Trelleborgen Viking fort © Trelleborgen
Snowy Trelleborgen Viking fort © Krister Parmstrand

Trelleborgen viking fort 

On the highest point in the town Trelleborg, the remnants of an old Viking castle – a so called “trelleborg” – was found in 1988. A trelleborg was the general term for the typical Viking Age type of ring fortresses built with so-called "trellers", the skewed cloven logs that support the structure, and the castle has very likely given name to the city of Trelleborg. Today, parts of the fort have been recreated. The on site museum shows an exhibition about Vikings and there is also a small museum shop and a café.

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Map of Skåne

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