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Visit Skåne’s open air museums that give you a glimpse of what life used to be like here. The area was once home to Vikings, and there are museums that are complete Viking settlements with houses, activities, cattle and people dressed in Viking clothes. Watch jousting tournaments every summer, where knights dressed in medieval armour challenge each other to battle. Why not leave the present behind for a few hours and experience the past – as near to perfect as it gets.

Wanås Art Park

Wanås © Tannus

Wanås Art Park

Entering the art park of Wanås is a bit like leaving the ordinary world and its restrictions behind. It’s a different, fairy-tale universe where anything is possible and where art is everywhere. Wanås consists of an organic farm, hotel, art park full of sculptures and an art gallery housing a unique collection of contemporary art from renowned international artists. For children the park is a mind-boggling adventure containing over 50 permanent works of art as well as temporary exhibitions. Kids can write a wish on paper and hang it in Yoko Ono’s wishing tree, run through the forest and play on the swings that are works of art in themselves. The on-site shop sells organic toys and you can order organic ice cream and pastries at the cafeteria.

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Kulturen in Lund – entertainment for the youngest


Kulturen in Lund – entertainment for the youngest

Kulturen in central Lund is one of the world’s best open-air museums. There are up to twenty different exhibitions, highlighting everything from art, design, culture and history. The children’s playground features a small water system with an old-fashioned, manual pump that keeps young ones entertained for hours. There are often temporary exhibitions especially for kids. If you get hungry, drop into the restaurant and café, or enjoy a picnic on the well-kept lawns.

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Fredriksdal - an open air museum with animals

Fredriksdal © Mickael Tannus

Fredriksdal - an open air museum with animals

Fredriksdal is a preserved farmstead where you can see how people lived in Skåne long time ago. Meet all the animals such as goats, geese, cats, dogs, sheep, cows and horses. There are plenty of activities for the family and every Sunday children are invited to help the farmer feed the animals.

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Foteviken © Frits Meyst / MeystPhoto.com


Foteviken is a reconstruction of a large Viking settlement on the Höllviken peninsula in southern Skåne. It’s a city of inhabitable houses, creating a strong sense of authenticity. There’s also a full-scale recreation of a Viking ship found off the coast Every week after Midsummer the museum arranges the annual Foteviken Viking Market that draws hundreds of merchants, craftsmen and Viking warriors from all around the world.

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Trelleborgen Viking fort 

Vikings © Peter Löfqvist
Vikings © Joachim Orrenius
Vikings © Ingrid Wall
Trelleborgen Viking fort © Trelleborgen
Snowy Trelleborgen Viking fort © Krister Parmstrand

Trelleborgen Viking fort 

The remnants of an old Viking castle – a so called “trelleborg” – were found in the town of Trelleborg in 1988. A trelleborg was the general term for the typical Viking Age ring fortresses built with so-called "trellers", the skewed cloven logs that support the structure. Today, parts of the fort have been recreated. The on-site museum has a Viking exhibition and there is a small museum shop and café.

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Map of Skåne

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