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Based on a love of nature and spending time outdoors, the furniture and fittings is Skåne are based on light wood tones, bright lighting, a sense of simple, yet elegant together with warm, inviting textures. 

What’s not to like? Here’s a list of some of the best design on offer in Skåne.

Blå Station

© Blå Station

Blå Station

Family owned furniture brand Blå Station in Åhus creates modern Scandinavian furniture featuring birch and stainless steel. The designers concentrate on new attitudes towards shape, function and material. Their belief that one should have an open mind, child´s curiosity and a heart that rejects shortcuts and apathy is expressed in the chairs, tables and benches they produce.

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© Gärsnäs


This family-owned company founded in 1893 makes unique furniture in the town of Gärsnäs in eastern Skåne. Their ethos is all about furniture that’s lovely to look at, comfortable to sit in, and durable enough to last. Using wood from ash, oak and beech trees growing close to the factory, Gärnäs specializes in high-quality stools and chairs, sofas, storage solutions and lamps. All designers employed at Gärsnäs work hard to design pieces based on 125 years of fine furniture making.

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Ateljé Lyktan

© Atelje lyktan

Ateljé Lyktan

Ateljé Lyktan, with its design facility in Åhus, has a vison to develop innovative Swedish designed lighting solutions for outdoor and indoor use. Its iconic designs include table, floor, ceiling and wall lamps for indoors, as well as different solutions for outdoors. The company prides itself on using the latest technology and energy-efficient solutions to contribute to a better environment.

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© Kullaro


Kullaro is a family/run company in Lönsboda, north-east Skåne. The company combines naturally found diabase with other materials to create contrasting shapes and objects in its black gold colouring. Kullaro  produces superb pieces of jewellery, interior design products, furniture and art, each with their own distinctive character.

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Map of Skåne

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