There are flea markets throughout the countryside in the summer, and the towns and cities are filled with second-hand stores and vintage shops. Whether you’re looking for that perfect 50s dress, unique antique furniture or books at bargain prices, you’ll have plenty to choose from. Come to Skåne and find your hidden gem. 

Look for the ”Loppis” sign

The Swedish word for flea market is Loppmarknad, or Loppis. Look for the handwritten signs as you drive around in the countryside. They will point you in the direction of everything from small backyard sales and local sports associations’ fundraising markets to huge flea markets attracting thousands of visitors. There are also permanent, indoor markets in old barns and farmhouses. 

Keep reading for a guide to some of the best vintage shopping in Skåne. 

Street markets

Flea markets are arranged regularly in many of the cities of Skåne during the summer. The two largest ones take place in the cities of Malmö and Lund.

Flea market at Södra Esplanaden
Flea market at Södra Esplanaden, Lund.

Drottningtorget in Malmö

Drottningtorget, The Queen’s Square, is walking distance from Malmö Central station. Every Sunday in the summer there’s a large flea market where vendors range from ordinary people clearing out their old stuff to professional vintage vendors selling antiques and curiosities. Find real bargains and plenty of quirky stuff.

Södra Esplanaden

Skåne’s largest street market is in the picturesque university city of Lund. On Saturdays during the summer this quiet street turns into a popular flea market. Most of the vendors are local people selling things they no longer need – everything from party dresses to vintage books and furniture. The earlier you come, the better your chance of finding the real gems. 

Second-hand shops


Winter jackets
Vintage clothes
Vintage things


Myrorna is a Swedish chain of vintage stores run by the Salvation Army. There are three Myrorna stores in Malmö, one in central Malmö close to Triangeln, one in the large mall Emporia outside of the city and one on Ystadvägen on the other side of town. The shops are filled with everything from children’s clothing to books to ceramics, and prices are very reasonable. All proceeds go to the Salvation Army’s work with the poor and vulnerable.

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Humana Second Hand

Humana Second Hand

This second-hand store in Malmö sells cool clothes from the 70s to the present. Find everything from jeans and bomber jackets to fake furs and sneakers. Why not donate to Humana if you have clothes you don’t want to take home? You make a great contribution to the environment and help create a surplus that goes to aid.

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Nirvana Furniture

Nirvana Furniture
Vintage rugs
Vintage furniture

Nirvana Furniture

Nirvana Furniture is in central Malmö, on Sallerupsvägen. This store is only open the first weekend of every month and sells retro design and classic Scandinavian furniture and design from the 20th century. Find everything from dinner tables and sofas to smaller items. The range is carefully handpicked by the owners.

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Vintage jeans
Vintage clothes
Yellow tea cup with purple flower
Shopping at Erikshjälpen


Erikshjälpen runs second-hand shops all over Sweden, and even in Norway. There are ten shops in Skåne, mainly in the cities, but also in small villages such as Åkarp, all with the idea of promoting climate-smart reuse for a sustainable world. Find stylish second-hand and vintage clothes, used books to love again and vinyl records that to fill your collection. The surplus from sales goes to make a better life for children in need.

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Vintage clothing stores 

Beyond Retro

Blonde girl shopping © Olle Enqvist
Four persons looking for clothes © Olle Enqvist

Beyond Retro

Beyond Retro’s vintage and second-hand discount outlet store in Malmö is at Mitt Möllan that hosts local designers, craft beer, pop ups and food stalls. A haven for bargain lovers, the store has over 10,000 handpicked, discounted pieces at low prices. Find men’s shirts, denim shorts and sports sweatshirts, as well as more statement looks such as prom outfits, party dresses and costume pieces. The store regularly hosts cultural events and pop ups. 

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Mani Vintage

Tea party with vintage coats

Mani Vintage

This vintage shop in central Malmö offers original vintage fashion for men and women, selling high quality items from the late 19th century up until the late 70s. If you are looking for a glamorous fur cape from the 60s or a kimono to wear while smoking cigars listening to jazz – this is the place to go. The two owners have backgrounds in fashion and design.

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 Antique shops


Furnitures in antiquities store
Dog resting in an antique armchair


Old antiques meet collector's items, contemporary design and a small collection of new items in a splendid mix at this 600 m2 store in central Ängelholm in north-western Skåne. The turnover is high and every time you come there will be new items, ranging from furniture, china and rugs to art and ceramics. The shop is open every day in the peak summer months, and Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday throughout the year.

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Rågers Antik & Design

Råger outside his antique and design store

Rågers Antik & Design

This small, cosy place in central Malmö on one of the streets around Davidshallstorg is crammed with small items, porcelain and ceramics, cutlery and teak items to help you find your personal style. Featured pieces come from Swedish and European design such as Rörstrand, Gustavsberg, Uppsala-Ekeby, Rosenthal, Kosta Boda, Orrefors, Johansfors, Lisa Larsson and more.

Jan-Erik Öhgren in Brösarp

Table full of antiquities

Jan-Erik Öhgren in Brösarp

Jan-Erik Öhgren is a connoisseur and a well-known name in the antiques business. You’ll find Swedish antiquities from the 16th-19th century in his shop in Brösarp in eastern Skåne. Jan-Erik is a member of the Arts and Antiques Dealers' Association and organizes the annual Antique Fair in Brösarp every March, one of Sweden's leading antique fairs with an international reputation.

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The Antiquity Fair in Brösarp

The annual spring antique fair in Brösarp, eastern Skåne has evolved from a small local event to what the trade press refer to as “Sweden's best antique fair". It features furniture and other objects in their original condition, rather than newly-painted objects or replicas. The fair is not just an opportunity to buy, it’s a unique chance to learn more about antiques. Exhibitors possess a lot of knowledge and are happy to tell you about their objects. If you want to have your own items valued, bring them along.


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