Located about 23 kilometres north of Kristianstad, lies the mythical lake Immeln with its clean water, good fishing and cheap fishing permits. Lake Immeln is one of Sweden’s best lakes for canoeing since it has numerous islands and inlets, which give great opportunities for shore raids and staying overnight. You can always find a quiet bay no matter what direction the wind blows.

Canoeing in Lake Immeln

Starting here you can follow Skånes most popular canoe trail that will take you to a number of different lakes in the area. In Immeln there are well over 200 small islands where you can set up camp and cook that bass or bream you caught earlier during the day. Immeln is known for its rich and diverse flora and fauna and many of the islands are Special Protection Areas (SPA) for birds. Bring your binoculars and you might spot a few rarities, such as fish hawk and throated diver. Gliding through the waters along the forest clad lake shores you will also have a chance of spotting the very rare Red Waterlily. Reminiscent of the asian lotus flower, it lends an extra air of zen and serenity to the landscape. Immeln is a very safe and accessible paddling area where you can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life without being entirely disconnected, since despite the feeling of secluded wilderness, you can still use your cellphone in most of the area. You can rent everything from canoes and military tents to portable stoves and barbecues at the Canoe Center - just remember to bring cash since they do not accept credit cards.

Visit Immelns Kanotcenter's website for more information

Tent at Lake Immeln
© Apelöga
Sleep in the wilderness and experience true freedom
Outdoor cooking at Lake Immeln
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Experience the freedom of cooking outdoors
Tree by lake Immeln
Lake Immeln.

Fishing in lake Immeln

Boy fishing at Lake Immeln
Boy fishing at Lake Immeln

Lake Immeln is a very deep lake with clear waters and a stony bottom. The many islands, islets and skerries make it an exciting, challenging fishing lake with an excellent chance to catch fish. Spin fishing in the lake can yield large perch and pike, while bait fishing can bring you bream, tench and whitefish.  Pike bites best in spring and autumn. Perch, bream and tench are often active even when the water is warmer from May through October. There is also ice fishing for perch and pike. The most common fish species in the lake are: Perch, bream, pike, roach, tench, lavaret, whitefish, eel and salmon trout.

A number of islands in the lake are bird sanctuaries, which means that it is forbidden to go ashore on these specific islands during certain periods. More information about these islands is available on the map of Immeln, which you get where fishing licenses are sold. If you’d like, there are boats, canoes and kayaks for rent at Immelns Kanotcenter, as well as fishing guides and fishing permits. If you prefer to sleep in a bed instead of a tent, there is also a B&B and a hostel available nearby.

Fishing licence

NOTICE! Remember that you do need to buy a fishing licence before you head out.

Fishing licences for lake Immeln and can be purchased at the Immeln Kanotcenter and in the Immeln campground kiosk, located at the most southern tip of the lake.

Possible to book a rainbow trout camp.


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