A smorgasbord of food and drink

If food (and drink) is your food of love, then there’s always an event where you can savour some serious flavour in Skåne. From apples to beer, wine to walk-n-taste, there’s never a dull culinary moment. Meet like-minded foodies, discover a smorgasbord of food and drink, and take in the sights, smells and tastes of different food markets. Who knows? You might want to bring your own part of Skåne with you to sell and serve back home.

Here are a few food and drink events in Skåne you shouldn’t miss. 

Couple stand behind a stand with basil plants at an outdoor food festival
© Torbjörn Lagerwall

Skåne’s food festival

Billed as probably the best tasting festival of the year, this food bonanza in Landskrona takes place in early June. Whether you’re a chef, culinary tourist, foodie, or young family looking for inspiration, this is the festival for you. Taste, eat, discover, experience and learn all about the fantastic food and beverages in Skåne. 

Elderly couple and a young woman stand beside apple artwork
© Apelöga

The apple market in Kivik

The annual apple market in Kivik gives you the chance to do all things apple. Enjoy tasting ciders and musts (apple drink), go on a guided tour, find out different ways of using apples in food and drink, test your apple knowledge and of course, try some delicious apple pie. This festival for all the family takes place in September every year and shows all aspects of growing this delicious fruit. You could say it forms the core of the apple business.

Taste Bjäre (Smaka på Bjäre)

This May, take one of two bike tours around the Bjäre peninsula to experience the beautiful patterns of the bright yellow canola fields, the freshly dug new potatoes and other natural ingredients grown in the fertile soils around the area. Choose between two different tours. One takes you around organic farms, blueberry growers, cafés and gardens. The other shows you where and how mushrooms are grown, visit chicken producers, a dairy or enjoy a glass or two of kombucha. 


Moveat offers a special day of new tasting adventures and experiences throughout Skåne and the rest of Sweden at different times during the year.  It attracts hundreds of curious, food-loving people. Try out exciting restaurants and fragrant delis, cosy wine bars and original crawl-ins. Visit each taste stop in any order and enjoy a different portion. All food is included in the ticket price. The whole food experience takes between four and five hours. Use the app to see that day’s menu and plan your route according to how you feel, and what you fancy tasting next

Man in grey cap smells a beer from a small glass
© Torbjörn Lagerwall
Blurry crowd at an indoor beer festival
© Torbjörn Lagerwall
Elderly couple visiting a beer festival
© Torbjörn Lagerwall

Great Swedish Beer Festival

Like independent craft beer? You’ll love this annual homage to the amber nectar, held in Malmö in October. Enjoy two days of full-on festival fun and taste beer from some of the more than 300 craft breweries in Sweden, many with an international top ranking. Try some old favourites and newer flavours from the independents serving their beer. Enjoy a pint together with food and music in this superb beer bonanza. 

Big smiling man stands behind taps in a bar truck
© Miriam Preis

The people’s drinks festival (Folkets Dryckesfestival)

Drinks to the people! This one-day festival of drinks held in Malmö in the late spring showcases beverages from some of Skåne’s best producers. Sample beers for all different tastes, locally brewed wines and spirits, and non-alcoholic delights for everyone. Visit panel discussions, chat to food artisans and listen to great music from Skåne. Free admission. 


This festival in Helsingborg during August attracts good people who want to taste great beer. Arranged by the Brewski brewery, it brings together a unique gathering of like-minded craft brewers from around the world who offer their beer together with the brewery’s own impressive range. Buy your ticket, go to the festival and enjoy a beyond beer experience, from different lagers, IPAs, Weissbeers with passionfruit and much more. Try ramen to go with your beer. 

Österlen wine festival

Swedish wines are fast becoming a bit hit. And you can find out why at the 2-day “Taste Swedish wines” festival at the award-winning  Skepparps winery during late July. Try different reds, whites and rosés, while sampling fantastic food prepared by one of Sweden’s best chefs. Take a quick wine tasting course, learn about how to grow grapes or just enjoy a perfect summer day at one of the most beautiful vineyards in Österlen, southeast Skåne.

Waitress serves a company white wine in an outdoor restaurant environment
© Apelöga
Allé, Kivik.
Woman taking in the scent of canola flowers in a field
© Apelöga
Gunnarshögs gård
Group of women sampling apple must in front of a small white house
© Apelöga

Food-trip Österlen (Matrundan Österlen)

Enjoy four days of different dining experiences at Matrundan Österlen. This food trip during the Ascension weekend in May lets you sample food from almost 50 of the best artisans in an area famed for its culinary expertise and appetizing local ingredients. Find out about new and classic dishes, local trends and traditions, and get to taste delicacies from small-scale producers, trendy restaurants and cosy cafés. All framed by rolling landscape, white, sandy beaches and famous apple orchards.

This article is produced as part of The Gastrolution of Skåne project.


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