The popular movies about Kurt Wallander are based on the crime novels by Swedish author Henning Mankell. The action takes place in Ystad, where the characteristic Scandinavian melancholia, the scenery and the ice-cold sea set the tone. If you are a fan of Wallander and of Swedish crime series, visit this iconic town, check out the sites where the movies were shot and have coffee in his favourite café.

Wallander’s Ystad

Being located right by the sea in southern Skåne, the small, picturesque town of Ystad is worth a visit. The narrow cobblestoned streets and half-timbered houses in bright colours create a warm, friendly feeling in sharp contrast to the cold-blooded crimes that make up the everyday life of Kurt Wallander. 
Ystad is a small town in a rural setting, and if you venture out into the surrounding landscape you will recognise the typical Skåne scenery and atmosphere that is present in the movies, with long white beaches, open fields and pine forests. 

Ales stones with two women in the background
© Frits Meyst

Ale’s Stones, a place for reflection

Whenever Wallander needs to gather his thoughts or solve a challenging mystery, he hikes to Ales Stenar, Skåne’s Stonehenge on the hill above the small fishing village of Kåseberga, east of Ystad.  This intriguing formation of large stones, reminiscent of a boat, overlooks the open sea and has a magnificent view of the coastline. There is still debate about what this structure represents, but the stone ship dates back to the early iron age. Kurt Wallander has a point. This is a wonderful place for contemplation.

Murder mysteries in Kåseberga

When you visit Ales Stenar, check out the harbour of Kåseberga. Bustling in the summertime, it’s home to everything from wonderful art galleries, restaurants and souvenir shops to smokehouses selling fresh fish and seafood. This is a place Wallander visits regularly and where two murdered men mysteriously came floating in a rubber boat in one of the movies.

A wallander pastry at a café in Ystad
“Swedish fika” the Wallander way.

Stay in Kurt Wallander’s room in Ystad 

The old station house in central Ystad served as police station in all the Wallander-movies. Nowadays you can spend the night in what used to be Wallander’s office which has been converted into a B&B, Stationen Bed & Breakfast.

Have “Swedish fika” the Wallander way

Even the toughest crime detectives need a break, and Kurt Wallander has a serious sweet tooth. His favourite café is Fridolfs konditori in Ystad, where you can order the famous Wallander-pastry and coffee, which is a “fika” – one of the most cherished national activities in Sweden.

A outside view of Fridolfs patisserie in Ystad
© Carolina Romare
Kurt Wallander's favourite café.

Your guide to Skåne's Wallander

Pack Ystad's best guide to Wallander and make the most of your Wallander tour in Skåne. The brochure is available at the Tourist Office and at Ystad Studio's Visitor Center (in Swedish, English and German). It guides you around 109 famous places from the books and films. 

Ystad Studios Visitor Center

Ystad has become a mecca for movie enthusiasts and lovers of Nordic noir thanks to the Wallander movies. Visit the Ystad Studios Visitor Center – the interactive movie museum in central Ystad. This is one of the largest movie museums in Sweden where you can learn more about everything related to film-making, from scriptwriting, special effects to props. Get into character and live out that acting dream of yours. 

Outside Kurt Wallander's home in Ystad
© Carolina Romare
Wallander's home in Ystad.


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