So far there are three fantastic market halls in Skåne where you can hang out, satisfy your taste buds and pick out that special piece of cheese for tonight, while listening to live music. The market halls in Skåne are open year round and is the more modern version of a food market with groceries, bakeries, coffee, wine, beer, delis and fast food - most of it organic and locally produced of course.

Malmö Saluhall

Malmö Saluhall

Malmö Saluhall is the obvious destination for anyone who loves quality produce and delicious food. For the melting pot of culture, creativity and fun that is Malmö. For old and young, big and small. A food market for everyone. Here you’ll find sausages hand made in a barn without electricity, plaice that is only caught when it’s high tide around the small island of Ven, knives so sharp they can slice bone marrow, hand-sorted coffee beans, falafel fried in olive oil, chilled tea, Korean street food, locally grown garlic and fresh goat yoghurt. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. A warm welcome to a food-lovers paradise.

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