Söderåsen National Park is the largest unbroken area of protected woodland in Northern Europe on a designated area of about 16 km2 (6.2 sq. miles). It’s a popular destination for nature lovers wanting to spend time hiking and leaving the stresses of the modern world behind. 

The National Park was established in 2001 and is situated on and around a ridge in the centre of Skåne, about 40 kilometres east of Helsingborg. The countryside is varied and offers everything from leafy deciduous forests and precipices with high cliffs to streaming watercourses and panoramic views.

Naturum Visitors Centre

Naturum Visitor Centre in Skäralid in the national park is the place to get more knowledge about the geology, plants, animals and cultural history of the park. Visit the exhibitions, talk to the staff, join a guided tour or walk the Nature path (800m) around Skärdammen. At Naturum you can find information about rambling paths, picnic spots and local regulations. 

Pick up a folder about other national parks in Sweden while you’re there. Immerse yourself in the magic of ancient forests, deep valleys and dramatic hillsides. 

Söderåsen National Park in autumn
© Sven Persson
Autumn colours in Söderåsen.
Women enjoying the beautiful view over the Söderåsen valley
© Mickael Tannus
Enjoy the beautiful view over the Söderåsen valley.
Kids walking on a bridge in Söderåsen
© Mickael Tannus
The area around Skäralid is one of the most child-friendly in Söderåsen.

Skåne's "Grand Canyon"

The National Park’s best-known viewpoint is Kopparhatten with an awesome view over the valley. It is the highest point in Söderåsen at 200m (660ft) and is often called Skåne’s Grand Canyon. The hill has a dramatic landscape with ravines up to 90 m (300 ft) deep. You can drive all the way up to Kopparhatten to capture the view over the hills. It’s no problem for people with mobility issues.

The flora and fauna of Söderåsen

The National Park's landscape dates back 70-80 million years. It’s characterized by beautiful beech forests, clear streams, high cliffs and volcanic faults. The park has a rich variety of flora including rare species of mushrooms, insects, water creatures, mosses, birds and bats.

Every season has its own charm. White, crispy winter mornings. The burst of green buds in spring. The fiery colours in the autumn woodlands. 

The forest, comprises different types of wood such as beech, oak and ash. Many characteristics of primeval forest have been preserved, making it rich in insect life. The flora contains species such as hollow wort, enchanter's nightshade and tall meadow-rue.

"Get blown away by the leafy deciduous forests, mighty scree with high cliffs, streaming watercourses and wide views."

Women strolling in Söderåsen near Skäralid
© Mickael Tannus
Hiking surrounded by the lush nature of Söderåsen National Park.
Women pointing at the horizon from Kopparhatten in Söderåsen
© Mickael Tannus
Kopparhatten is Söderåsen's highest point, 200 metres above sea level.
Walking young girl in Söderåsen Skåne
© Mickael Tannus
Much of the lush woods of Söderåsen is easily accessible for everyone.

Enjoy the outdoors

Hiking in Söderåsen

A hike through the untouched wilderness of Söderåsen is a soothing break from the fast pace of modern life. Wander among the ravines and deciduous forests, follow the dark and bewitching streams and experience a magical atmosphere. Sites not to miss are Odensjön, a lake in the Nackarpsdalen valley and the vantage points of Kopparhatten, Hjortsprånget and Lierna along the Skäralidsdalen valley. 

Man on a mountain bike in Söderåsen
© Mickael Tannus
Söderåsen’s many downhill tracks are perfect for the speed-freak!

Biking in Söderåsen

If mountain biking through woods is your thing, then Söderåsen is your place. There are plenty of great cross country and downhill bike trails, and the uphill riding will give your legs a serious workout.

Use the marked Skåneleden hiking trail as your guide and remember to stick to the designated roads and paths.

Trolley biking

Trolley cycling is a great way to glide through the countryside. The round trip is 13 kilometres and takes you through scenic oak and beech forests. Wheelchair users can also book trolley carriages. Read more at veteranjarnvagen.se. 


The Rönne å river offers calm streams, exciting rapids and abundant wildlife – perfect for a canoeing adventure. The tour starts in Rögnaröd/Djupadal and ends at the canoe centres in Ljungbyhed. Glide through forest and open landscapes, rapids and still water. You'll find more information about paddling in Söderåsen at ronneadalens.se

Horse riding

Ride on powerful Haflinger horses with comfortable western saddles for beginners. Tours are adapted according to your experience level. Ride all year round – in swirling snow through the forest – or lush scenery in the summer. Stop for refreshments along the way. Learn more and book at Söderåsens Turridning.

There are plenty of other things to do in the Söderåsen area. Fishing, summer tobogganing, geocaching and golfing. Enjoy Skåne's leafy deciduous forests, scree with high cliffs, streaming watercourses and wide views. 

Couple hiking in Autumn in Söderåsen
© Sven Persson
Every season has its charm in Söderåsen.


  1. The park's main entrance is in Skäralid, this is where you'll find hiking information boards and the visitor centre Naturum. Address: Skäralid 747, 264 53 Ljungbyhed
  2. The second entrance is located in Röstånga where a tourist office can provide you with maps and information. Address: Nackarpsdalsvägen 4, 268 68 Röstånga


Get here by bus

Bus Nr. 518 stops at both entrances and at several places along the national park.

Special regulations on Söderåsen

Read more about Söderåsen and special regulations here.

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