Ales stenar
© Anders Hjemdahl
Ale's Stones in Kåseberga.

Ale’s Stones – a monolithic mystery

Cow at Ales Stones
Don't be surprised by this sight – cattle grazes in the area of Ale's Stones.

Ale’s stones in the hills above Kåseberga just east of Ystad is one of Sweden's most enigmatic sights. Some people believe it is a burial monument while others think it’s an ancient astronomical clock, as the stones are positioned so that the sun goes down at the north-western corner in summer and rises exactly at the opposite corner in winter.

The 59 stones are placed in the formation of a ship. They are 67 metres long and 19 metres wide at the widest point. The monument is believed to originate from the early Iron Age (500-1,000 AD).

Kåseberga – Skåne’s best herring smoke houses?

Feel the history when you stand on the hill looking over the Baltic Sea. You’ll probably have your own theory about why these stones were placed here over 1,000 years ago. Gaze over the rolling landscape or watch the paragliders soaring through on wind through the steep hills. 

Tip. End your visit to Ale’s Stones at Kåseberga harbour and taste the local herring from one of the many smoke houses.


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