Are you longing for a vacation in the countryside? A calmer pace, fresh air and beautiful open meadows grazed by cattle... Skåne in the south of Sweden has a rich agricultural heritage as well as a tradition of hospitality, and today many of the farmers also welcome guests. Whether you opt for a traditional B&B or choose to rent a few rooms with your own amenities, a stay in the Scanian countryside is as relaxing as it is rewarding. All in all you will find around 50 farms that are part of the network Stay at a farm, and if you visit their website you will get the full list. 


Life at a horse farm 

Children and horse
Children enjoy the company

Watching the blooming rapeseed fields from a horseback is a wonderful way to explore Skåne at your own pace. Horse-lovers will find a large selection of horse farms that accept guests, many of which has icelandic horses as their specialty. One of those is Axbrogård, a farm located just north of the city of Kristianstad in north-eastern Skåne. Here you get to stay in a typically Scanian farmhouse and you can rent a horse for a full week. You get to ride for 2-3 hours per day and are expected to take part in caring for your horse. If you are bringing your own horse, that’s not a problem - there is extra room in the stable. 


Fishing vacation on a countryside farm

Boy fishing at Lake Immeln
Boy fishing at Lake Immeln

Skåne has some of Europe's best waters for pike, and the fishing along the coast is top notch. If you venture up in the north-east to Ivösjön, the biggest lake of the region, you can stay at a farm right by the lake and enjoy the impressive abundance of fish. Here you can catch everything from pike, pike-perch and bleak to the favourite of the locals, the eel. The farm Furustadsgården sublets a small red cabin right by the water, and the owners will help you with boat, fishing gear and fishing permits. 
Another gem in the fishing landscape of Skåne is Immeln, the thirds biggest lake of the region. Located a couple of miles further north east and surrounded by the woody wilderness characteristic of this area, Immeln is lined by stony beaches and contains over a hundred small islands, creating the impression of an archipelago in middle of the woods. At the rustic farm Killeboda gård Bed & Breakfast by the southern end of the lake you can rent one of the rooms of the B&B, or opt for the small cabin right by the lake that comes with its own small bridge. Fishing permissions can be purchased on site. 


Live in the middle of the wood

Greenery by the farm
Greenery by the farm

In Skåne you will find a great diversity of flora and fauna, ranging from the light and airy beech forests of the south to the deep coniferous forests of the wilderness in the north. If you are longing for a relaxing couple of days amidst trees and greenery, a visit to the farm Svenstorp in the small village of Sösdala is highly recommended. Here you can spend the night in the comfortable farmhouse and enjoy restaurative walks in the beautiful forest, or watch the cattle of the farm as they graze the meadows. Don’t forget to bring your rubber boots - the grounds tend to be wet!  




Life on an organic farm 

Work in the field

Thanks to the mild climate of Skåne, conditions for farming are very beneficial. Skåne is often referred to as the larder of Sweden and almost 50% of the country's total food production happens here. The organic trend is constantly growing stronger, and if you would like to take a closer look at what organic farming really means, you could pay a visit to the farm Åsgård-Holkestorp that is located right outside the small village of Tomelilla in southeastern Skåne. The family that lives here grows organic dinkel and produce their own organic lamb meat. The cabin for rent at the premises is very cosy, and has its own small porch and kitchen. 


 Children relaxing at the field
Children relaxing at the field

Family vacation on a farm

A vacation in the Swedish countryside will provide a memorable experience for the whole family. Plenty of family-friendly farms lay scattered all over the area, and this website has gathered a large selection to choose from. A lovely example is the old farm Borrby Kungsgård with a history dating as far back as the 13th century. Here you can rent fully equipped accommodation perfect for families with kids, right next to the organically cultivated fields. In the large garden the kids will find toys, trampolines and bikes and they will love cuddling with the dogs, cats and rabbits who also inhabit the premises.


Take care of the animals on a farm 

Rooster at the farm
Resident of the farm

A large part of the Swedish animal farms are found in Skåne, so if you enjoy the company of furry and feathery friends, this is the place to be. There are several farms that offer their visitors the opportunity to hang out with the animals, and one of them is Folkesro outside of Simrishamn i eastern Skåne, where the owners are subletting their newly renovated farmhouse. Here you get to try driving the tractor, you can pick your own breakfast eggs in the henhouse and you can partake in feeding the horses, sheep and cattle of the farm. For more information on places where you get the full farming experience, visit this site.  





Live your dream in the countryside
Vacating in the countryside of Skåne is a chance to slow down and get closer to the authentic farm life with nature and animals. There is a vast selection of Bed & Breakfast-farms offering accommodation and sturdy morning meals at very reasonable prices. Some places are instead equipped with a kitchen where you can prepare you own meals, and in these places you might need to bring your own linen and towels. For more information, visit this website.







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