A saddle takes you so much closer to nature. Cycle through everything from forest glades, scenic villages, big city buzz and traffic free trails. If you’re into distance biking, go power the pedals along one of the long distance cycle paths. The best way to experience Skåne is on two wheels.


Cycling in Skåne – diversified and convenient  

The topography and climate of Skåne is a biker’s dream. The network of public transport allows riders to bring their bikes on board and the variety of the landscape offers excellent opportunities for amateurs as well as seasoned enthusiasts. Outside the urban areas you will find a tightly knit network of roads, many of which are hardly used by motorists at all. You will also find a large number of bike trails of which many are completely free from cars. Here you can combine laidback pedaling through fields and meadows with challenging hillside rides along the coasts and intense nature experiences in the deep forests and national parks of the region. Skåne truly has something to offer for every taste and level of skills. Keep reading for a guide to some of the best bike trails in Skåne.

A biking vacation in this beautiful and varying part of Sweden will likely just wet your appetite for more...

Biking though tree alleys in Skåne
© Mickael Tannus
Pedal through an everchanging landscape in Skåne.
Follow the red and white signs at Kattegattleden.
© Patrik Leonardsson
Follow the red and white signs and you will have no trouble finding your way.
Biking at Österlen
© Mickael Tannus
Biking along Sydostleden at Österlen.
Bike along the coast in Skåne and take many beaks.
© Mickael Tannus
Take a break and cool down by the coast.
Biking along the west coast on Kattegattleden.
© Göran Assner
Enjoy the views as you bike along the coastline by Kattegattleden.
Biking on the Sölvesborg bridge in the region of Blekinge.
© Mickael Tannus
The trail passes by several streams and bridges such as Sölvesborg bridge.
Map over Kattegattleden.
Map over Kattegattleden trail.

Kattegattleden – the West Coast trail

This coastline trail, named after the sea that accompanies it all the way, was Sweden’s first national tourist bicycle route. As it stretches along the west coast of Sweden, all the way from Helsingborg, one of the oldest and largest cities in Skåne up to Gothenburg, Sweden’s second biggest city, this trail offers uninterrupted beautiful scenery for almost 400 kilometers. Most of it is entirely free from cars and along this route you will pass dramatic coastlines, sandy beaches and picturesque villages. There are many sites worth visiting along the way, such as the beautiful castle Sofiero Castle, the National Park Kullaberg and the adventure park Upzone. The route is also lined with a string of cafés and restaurants so when you get hungry, a coffee or a meal is never far away. For accommodation you can choose from a vast number of options including camping, b&b’s and hotels. 

Follow the red and white signs marked with number 1 and let them guide you in the right direction.

For more detailed information about Kattegattleden, distances and where you can rent equipment visit www.kattegattleden.se


Map over Sydostleden.
Map over Sydostleden trail.

Sydostleden – the South Eastern trail

Sydostleden – is one of Sweden’s national bicycle routes, stretching almost a full 300 kilometers it offers a wide variety of biking experiences. The trail starts (or ends) in southeastern Skåne, in the quaint town of Simrishamn, and takes you through an ever-changing landscape all the way up to the city of Växjö in the neighboring province of Småland.

In the Skåne part of the trail you will pass through the apple orchards of Kivik, where you can stop and sample the refreshing Apple Cider, before you keep rolling through picturesque farmlands. The meadow hills and sandy beaches in Skåne followed by the archipelago in Blekinge and the deep forests of Småland makes this bike trail unique and memorable.

Sydostleden is an easily accessible and traffic safe biking route packed with cultural experiences and stunning nature. The entire route is marked with red and white signs and number 2.

Find out more and start planning your trip at www.sydostleden.se

Biking on Ven
© Mickael Tannus
Rent a yellow bicycle and guide yourself around the picture-perfect island of Ven.


Ven – a paradise island for biking

The small and paradisiac island of Ven is located in the middle of the Öresund Sound, the waters that part Skåne from Denmark. Ven has been a classic biking destination among locals for decades and offers biking in beautiful and family friendly surroundings. Cosy villages, quaint cottages, hills, meadows and dramatic cliffs that drop straight into the sea makes this a perfect venue for day excursions. You don’t even have to bring your own bike; if you arrive by boat from Landskrona you can simply follow the stream of people up the hill and you will easily spot the bike rental facility with the characteristic yellow bicycles. You can either opt for a regular bike, a tandem, a bike with a trailer or an ordinary two-wheeler. Before you head out to explore this little gem of an island, do make sure to stop for ice cream at the ice cream factory across the road. 

Read more about biking on Ven and how to get there here

All in all, Skåne offers extraordinarily biking-friendly conditions in terms of nature, diversity and accessible roads, well supported by the public transportation system and the multitude of small and friendly local establishments that offers food and accommodation. A biking vacation in this beautiful and varying part of Sweden will likely just wet your appetite for more, leaving you planning the next visit as soon as you get back home. Happy biking!


Watch the movie of Kattegattleden trail

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