A history of fishing

Swedish fried herring
© Miriam Preis
Swedish fried herring. Traditionally served with mashed potatoes, lingonberries and pickled cucumber.

Fishing is an inherent part of Skåne. In medieval times, the towns of Skanör - Falsterbo, now an upscale neighborhood on the peninsula, was a major trading post and an important part of the buzzing Hanseatic trade area. The abundance of herring in the waters along the Skåne coastline attracted fishermen and businessmen hoping to strike gold in the form of aquatic delicacies. According to legend, the herring fishery in Skåne was so rich that one could scoop up the fish with one's bare hands. The profitability from fishing has dissipated in modern times, but Skåne remains a popular destination for recreational fishing enthusiasts and for lovers of wildlife in general.

Fishing for everyone

Fishing charter and guides

Daily excursions from Helsingborg on three different ships.

Tours every day except Mondays in the summertime and on weekends during winter, from the marina in Barsebäck.

Daily year round fishing expeditions from the harbor in Råå, just south of Helsingborg.

Offers daily charters year round every Tuesday to Sunday. Excellent knowledge of southern Öresund fishing. Departs from Limhamn, just south of Malmö. 

Their vessel M/S Baltic Explorer departs from Ystad or Kåseberga on Mondays and Tuesdays, depending on weather conditions. Check website for schedule and updates.

Olle fiskare
Fisherman Olle takes a maximum of 12 people at a time. His fishing boat Vingarö departs from picturesque Simrishamn. Please contact Olle for updated schedules.

With Landskrona as output port, you reach thedeep trenches around Ven in just 15 minutes. Depending on the season, a wide variety of species are captured, such as cod, herring, mackerel, and various kinds of flatfish.

Abel fishing
With Abel fishing you can book several different guided fishing tours, from land as well as by boat. Guided by experienced fisherman Johan Abelsson you can go fishing for salmon, sea trout, pike and rainbow trout.

In the Skåne region, which is made up of the southern-most tip of Sweden, inland and open water fishing grounds are found all over. In fact, there are more than 130 official locations dedicated to fishing – not to mention all the smaller and less known spots that you can gain access to by asking around a little. Fishing takes place the whole year around and entails a number of methods, such as trolling, spin fishing and fly fishing.

Fishing in Skåne is a family friendly adventure. Accessibility is usually very good and even if you are not an expert, you will still have good chances of catching fish from a dock using a simple jig or float fishing rod. There are numerous alternatives for accommodation and you can choose between everything from camping and small cottages to cosy B&B’s and more luxurious hotels.

Open water fishing in Skåne

The coastline of Skåne is over 400 kilometers long and offers plenty of opportunities for open water fishing. Sit back and relax while trolling for salmon or mackerel, or head further out to sea and explore the many fishing grounds, some of which are found around old shipwrecks. The waters of eastern Skåne are known to be the home to some of the largest specimens of sea trout, pike and salmon, so do bring your spin or fly fishing rod.

The western coast of Skåne offers fantastic fishing for cod. All along the coastline there are plenty of spots where you can fish for sea trout, and since the coastline is long you can find your own spot without having to share it with other people. You can also choose to rent your own boat to get further out, or you can hire a professional guide to take you around.   






Fishing for seatrout on Österlen, the southeast part of Skåne

Lakes in Skåne

The lakes of Skåne offer a whole host of different varieties of fish. In fact, these waters are the richest in species in all of Sweden, and with more than 50 picturesque lakes, Skåne attracts recreational fishers from near and far. Inland lake fishing in Skåne, which boasts perch, zander, pike and other varieties, also offers spectacular beauty, solitude and tranquility. Close your eyes and let the silence soothe your senses, while the action takes place under the mirror-like surface. Around Snogeholmssjön the scenery is breathtakingly beautiful, and Gyllebosjön is one of the gems of Österlen. To make the most out of your time at the bigger lakes, such as Ivösjön, ImmelnFinjasjön and Ringsjön, you can hire a guide. That, combined with a portion of luck, might increase your chances to finally catch that big fish.

Put & Take fishing in Skåne

The put & take fishing in Skåne is likely the best in the country. The most common catches are char, trout and nice big rainbow trout. Ljungs KulaBjörkadammen, Bondemölla, Lilla hålsjön and Tollerupssjön are among of the most popular fish camps in Skåne. Many of the camps offer food and lodging possibilities as well, if you prefer staying for, say, a whole weekend.


Streams in Skåne

If fishing along a stream or creek is what you prefer, Skåne offers a wide range of opportunities. Helge å, Vramsån, Almaån, Holjeån and Skräbeån are some of the most popular streams for fishing. Skräbeån is where the world record for Whitefish was made, when a specimen weighing over 5 kilograms was caught. Sea trouts weighing over 10 kilograms have also been caught here. Trout, salmon and sea trout are some of the most common catches in the streams around Skåne. Lödde å, located just south of the city of Landskrona, is actually considered to be one of the best pike and perch waters in all of Europe. Pikes weighing around 10 kilograms are not unusual here and the largest ones that have been caught have even weighed as much as 20 kilograms.

10 kg pike caught in Lödde Å
10 kg pike caught in Lödde Å

Fishing permits in Skåne

The Swedish coastlines are very accessible and open to everyone who wants to fish from land, whereas fishing in the lakes requires that you purchase a fishing permit. Also keep in mind that some species are protected during certain periods of the year, and that fishing is all together prohibited in some protected areas. Before heading out, the best thing to do is to get in touch with the local tourist office.

They will point you in the right direction as to how to obtain all necessary permits for the area, and they, along with local recreational fishing clubs and associations, are usually the ones selling the permits as well.

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